Unicorn Fashion

A Blessing Of Unicorns

Beloved in Pagan & Christian mythology alike, the Unicorn classically is a beautiful & mysterious loner. The collective noun for a group of Unicorns is “a blessing.” A blessing of Unicorns sounds absolutely divine, especially when you compare it to [ Read more…]

Designer luxury snake ring

The Hour Of The Snake


In Chinese Astrology, the time between 9am and 11am is always the Hour Of The Snake. No matter where you are.  The Snake is probably the most ancient and original ‘familiar’ of the Goddess & is linked with most of [ Read more…]

Red Fox in the Snow

Pimp My Dream…


I had the best & most amazing dream! It was that I could hear this scuffling in the ceiling & opened a previously unseen trapdoor thing – in some trepidation, expecting something vile to skitter out – and it was [ Read more…]