Browse hundreds of fun and informative posts covering every aspect of Relationship Astrology. From Dating Your Planets to Strange Dating During Mercury Retrograde, Mars-Venus pheromone-inspired romances to whether Venus in Capricorn people like big age-gap relationships. If you’re interested in compatibility, synastry or how astrological transits influence human interaction, read on!

I Dated A Dark Sun Leo

Leos without a proper creative channel or stage of their own can become Dark Sun Leos, narcissistic nutters with an insatiable appetite for ego gratification. They come on super-charming, attentive and cultured but cannot sustain it. So, they manufacture a drama. Dear Mystic, Thank you for your astro-wiseness, humor, style, and presence. I do not start my day, week, or make any important decisions until I consult your fantastic website …

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Virgo and Libra

Virgo and Libra In Love On Venus Retrograde

A Virgo and Libra meet and fall in love during Venus Retrograde. Can this work? Or is it too fast, too weird and strange astrological timing? Darling Mystic, Any advice for us weirdos who have found ourselves completely, unexpectedly, plunged into an uber intense, madly familiar, insanely mutual, not really ideally timed lust/teetering on love relationship coinciding with the beginning of this Venus retrograde? Phew. deep breath. Note the prolific …

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Venus Retrograde relationships

Venus Retrograde Relationships – The Retro-Venus Factory

Venus Retrograde relationships – that is – the ones that begin under this strange little astro-passage – are alluring, weird and cryptic by definition. Will it last? You don’t know. Is it real? Depends what you mean by real. Is it alluring? Hell, yes. Venus Retrograde can bring soulmates together but it can also be a beautiful illusion. In the latter case, it’s merely a chimera, designed to catalyze your …

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Venus in Taurus

Venus In Taurus Romantic Problems – Solved!

A natal Venus In Taurus woman asks why she is so drawn to shallow love interests and what she calls the Gas Station Z Guys. Is it a Venus in Taurus thing? Dear Mystic, Is Venus in Taurus stuck in shallow waters? Over the past year, I’ve had four brief affairs. Actually, the last guy, a Scorp,  bookended the infatuations. After I told my best friend about our first few …

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Tales From A Japanese Hostess Bar

When Transit Pluto Is Conjunct Your Lilith

When you have transit Pluto conjunct Lilith and you’re a talented creative, you access your anger and write rad essays like Tales Of A Japanese Hostess Bar. My super-talented Triple Aquarius Mega Mystic member Anna Biller – the writer/director of The Love Witch has done an absolutely epic post that makes me think simply “Lilith transit”.  Or Lilith activated. And it is. She’s Lilith in Capricorn trine Venus, Uranus, and …

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Venus In Aquarius Antidotes Convention

Venus in Aquarius is an antidote to the conventional bourgeois poison of the last few weeks. One glug and you’re cured, wild again. Too much weight loaded onto something – art, relationship, fashion, love, sex – that is technically a leisure activity? Or agonies over mate/date limitations?  It is always a splendid cosmic stimulant for independence and reinvention. Side Effects: Allergy to manipulation. You’re not playing hard to get, you are …

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