Browse hundreds of fun and informative posts covering every aspect of Relationship Astrology. From Dating Your Planets to Strange Dating During Mercury Retrograde, Mars-Venus pheromone-inspired romances to whether Venus in Capricorn people like big age-gap relationships. If you’re interested in compatibility, synastry or how astrological transits influence human interaction, read on!

Relationship Astrology: Dating Your Planets

Relationship Astrology Is Real.  Relationship Astrology Is Real. The patterns and features of your natal birth chart energies are mirrored and explored in significant relationships. Astrology does not dictate your love life. You’re in charge of that realm. But the patterns of the stars reflect your romances with eerie clarity. There is an astrological theory that every planet in your birth chart is a relationship. Or rather, that it can …

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Venus conjunct Mars synastry

Why Do I Fixate On Venus-Mars Men?

  Venus conjunct Mars synastry can be addictive, as this Mega Mystic member’s dilemma illustrates. Dear Mystic, Do you ever notice yourself caught in attracting the same astro signatures in your love interests and/or relationships? For instance, I have a penchant for being attracted to Mars-Venus men.  My first boyfriend had Mars in Libra, not quite Mars-Venus in aspect but after all, Venus rules Libra. His Mars was conjunct my …

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The Truth About Saturn Venus Transits

The Truth About Saturn Venus Transits is that they make you harder. Not hard as in “hard-bitten” but hard like a diamond. “You can’t blame your hormones for being a bitch,” said the doctor. “They’re fine.” Fine. I blame Saturn. The hormones are raging rabid, displaying no deficit. They are still partying away like it’s 1999. But Saturn squared my Venus all 2017. As some of you will appreciate, Saturn …

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Can Uranus “Make” You Single?

Uranus can’t “make you single,” but it’s more prominent in the birth charts of people who are single and loving it. It’s an outer planetary liberator. In Ten Astrological Varieties Of Infidelity, someone quipped in the comments that the purest form of a Uranus relationship was masturbation. It was in the context of Pluto relationships being soul arousing existential pair bonding and Neptune relationships being, well, often imaginary. Or, highly …

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Taurus and Leo

Taurus and Leo

Leo is jealous of Taurus. They each bring a lot of contrast to the party, multiply stubbornness by ten. But they can find ways to make this relationship work. Cow People are natural beauties. Leo works at it. Leo sees image as showtime, requiring spartan regimes of hair insanity, grooming, and gargantuan makeovers. Taurus slips out the door, able to seduce with a dab of lip gloss and the hint of …

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Should My Next Lover Be An Artificial Intelligence?

A Virgo asks about the benefits of a robot lover. Should her next lover be an artificial intelligence? It is very Pluto in Aquarius. Dear Mystic, I have been a Mega Mystic member for some time now, and I don’t think I’ve seen you address my issue. I think I may be a perfect candidate for a robotic companion.  Artificial Intelligence is so innocent and authentic.  Relationships with humans seem …

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