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Aquarius Man

A Taurus With Aquarius Man Issues

A Taurus With Aquarius Man Issues? She’s come to the right place. Hey Mystic, I am a Taurus with Uranian Love Blues. I don’t usually go too weepy and wallowy –  not since my Pluto-Venus transit. But I got broken up with two weeks ago, and it’s got me down.  I am a Taurus Sun, and I know Uranus in Taurus is supposed to be upping my mojo. But since the …

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When Your Manifesting Love Intentions Malfunction

Manifesting Love Sounds Good But What If It Malfunctions? Hi Mystic, I have an extra weird current with someone and I just don’t know what’s going on here. I had this on and off thing with an older guy in my early twenties and around the same time got really into manifesting love. And I thought I was consciously choosing to have this no expectations, no strings attached, purely physical …

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The Chiron In Aries Relationships Reset

The Chiron in Aries Relationships Reset is real. Some see or sense the new You and then wow out in awe. The accountability, the epic refusal to tolerate bulls**t…your pioneer soul. Others take one look at your (metaphorical) wings and big snaky tail before freaking the fuq out. Or they’re keeping their distance from you without knowing exactly why. And you them. Uranus changing signs is weird enough. It operates …

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Ask Mystic: Spurned Lunar Babe Hating The Transition Zone

How To Get Over A Break-Up Using Astrology Hi Mystic,  Break-Ups are super hard. I HATE THIS TRANSIT.  I am pretty sure you receive dozens of emails asking for help, especially with the Transition Zone in action, but I must ask you for help. It would be great if you could answer this on the blog, as your work has been such solace to me in these incredibly trying times. The …

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Should You Stay Or Go Is The Hardest Phase

Astrology And Relationship Break-Ups Astrology and break-ups are not automatically connected. It’s not like all – say – Librans decide to end relationships one week. But tumultuous times pressure fragile bonds. People are more aware of their raw, core selves and which of their aspirations are aligned with that. Projections dissipate at Warp Speed. You can’t maintain pretenses without damage. As societal ground shifts beneath us and we experience the …

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Sexually Transmitted Karma W.T.F?

Sexually Transmitted Karma? Nothing says Dark Moon with Chiron at the end of the Zodiac like googling for “vaginal exorcist.”  How did this all begin? Innocently enough. Vis a vis When Your Hair Is Psychic, a Mega Mystic member sent tidings of a really interesting sounding book – Invincible Living – by a Kundalini Yoga teacher, Guru Jagat.  The pertinent hair comment: “Hair maintains the body’s electromagnetic field and acts …

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