Browse hundreds of fun and informative posts covering every aspect of Relationship Astrology. From Dating Your Planets to Strange Dating During Mercury Retrograde, Mars-Venus pheromone-inspired romances to whether Venus in Capricorn people like big age-gap relationships. If you’re interested in compatibility, synastry or how astrological transits influence human interaction, read on!

Soulmate Synastry

More About The Soulmate Synastry Consult

  Soulmate synastry (that is, the links or aspects between two people’s birth charts) has fascinated me from the moment I heard about it. Who doesn’t love the idea of soul-sourced affinity? Of a magical connection that reverberates at levels beneath the visible hormonal-societal matrix? And who has not experienced the weirdness of a rapport that feels familiar to every psychic synapse? But I’ve never done a Soulmating consult before, …

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Pink heart with stars to depict a personalized Venus Horoscope

Love Warp 9 Is A Personalized Venus Horoscope

Love Warp 9 is back – the ultimate Venus Horoscope – now instant download and more affordable. Done off your personal birth chart, it suggests colors, scents, and gemstones for your Venus Sign… You won’t believe the Venus in Aquarius one! Love Warp 9 also details your most vital transit of Venus for the next 12 months: The enchanted Venus Return Transit Mars Conjunct Venus – if you’re getting this …

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Dawn Of The Living Love Zombies

Venus Retrograde Life Hack Number One: Don’t let your mind meander down memory lane or click into your no-go social media zones. You’re settling into your Retro-Venusian groove. It’s all about the psyche and cosmos, existentialist mating realizations and purging of the wardrobe. Self-authenticated, spiritually assured and master/mistress of your destiny, regardless of who you are or are not in love with.  Brilliant. But then Venus retrogrades into the later …

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What Is A Love Zombie?

What Is A Love Zombie? “Dear Mystic – What Is A Love Zombie and how do I know if I am one?”  That was all the email said. But I sensed an element of concern in the message, a faint whiff of wisteria and mobile phone wallpaper with an “Old Souls Love Differently” slogan on it.  Love Zombies all express differently, but there are two main modes: Yearning passivity with religious …

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A Strange Relationship With A Sagittarius

A Cancer In A Strange Relationship With A Sagittarius seeks advice. Weirdly, it’s the Sagittarius being “non-straightforward.” Dear Mystic, I hope this finds you well. I’m pretty new to this and delighted to have found your site. I am reading the archive but haven’t gotten through all of it and need your wisdom. I met this Sagittarius-excuse-of-a-man on Christmas Eve in 2016 and Venus-Eros hit me up pretty hard. I’m …

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Astrology And Online Dating

Good morning lovely Mystic 🙂 A quick question regarding astrology and online dating. I like to do first meeting charts for when I encounter anyone of interest.  Do they commence from the moment you right swipe and match with someone or is it from the first planned date thereafter? I’m curious because during this eclipse energy I matched with two mega hotties and seemed to hit it off with excellent …

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