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Tiger & The Astrology Of Infidelity

There seem to be two main reactions to the news of TIger Woods apparently relatively rampant infidelity. (1) Appalled. How could he?! The pretty blonde wife, the kids, another male idol proven to be just a degenerate sleazebucket and this is so sad. (2) Sporting. These things happen, will she stay or will she go and how much will it cost him? How many more cocktail waitresses are set to …

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Venus Signs And Their Heartbreak Cures

Venus signs deal with romantic challenges and heartbreak in different styles. Venus in Aries is a ‘get back on the horse’ person. Others are more subtle. I think that with heartbreak, just like childbirth, that you forget the pain. True, False or Way, WAY too complicated for such a trite simplification? And, I mean the heartbreak of a romance ending or even just thwarted lust, not heartbreak resulting from atrocity …

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Virgo And Taurus Compatibility Is Legendary

Virgo and Taurus compatibility is the goods. If it were an investment bond, it would be a Triple AAA, gold-plated marvel of money. Yes, there is more to Synastry  (the comparison of two birth charts to look for indicators of compatibility & resonance et al.) than just the Sun Signs. But I get asked about it a lot & sometimes it’s fun to do. Virgo & Taurus are super-compatible. They’re …

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What Does The Venus In Leo Man Like?

Regardless of his sexuality, the Venus in Leo man likes luxury, power scents, styled women with high concept hair and grandiose love letters. Even his chill time is ideally styled. Venus dictates the sort of female that the person finds the most alluring. That’s in contrast to the Moon sign, which is more the style of woman that they feel comfortable with. To quicken the pulse of a Venus in …

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Aries With Libra – Compatibility Or Cold War?

Is Aries with Libra a gold-plated example of compatibility or is it cold war? Mars ruled Aries people and Venus ruled Librans are magnetically drawn to one another. But the polarity can switch to repulsion at short notice. There is, at first, something enormously appealing about such a pairing. Their planetary rulers are the eternal lovers: Mars and Venus is an archetype of the hot hook-up and compatibility on all …

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What Was Your Most Wuthering Heightsie Love Affair?

If you have not read Wuthering Heights, here is the ‘study notes’ version lol!  But this question works best if you HAVE read the wretched thing. I read it once as a teenager & adored it. When I re-read it a few years ago, i freaked at what an a-hole Heathcliff was. So, what was your most Wuthering Heightsie relationship & with WHAT sign??? I am thinking tortured, requited but …

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