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If You Can’t Stay Serene, At Least Be Amusing…

Okay, so you are off-the-Doctors (Dukan/Perricone/Atkins et al) and a bit bored with the radical-self-realization shit, preferring a modified version of the Mediterranean diet and Never-Explain…Complain a bit… It’s SUCH a dirge of a Dark Moon. Liven it up by going with the Dark Moon urge to (a) grizzle and (b) be a bit nostalgic. Grab a glass or trough full of your fave carbophiliac substance & answer the following…And …

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Green novelty goddess astrology sex toy

The Virgo Vibrator

Yes, c’est true! There is a Virgo Vibrator and I know so because i have received a complaint about it! “…Hi gorgeous, Oh my lord: NO!  Aqua green?!  Pendulous breasts?!  Are you kidding me?  It should be smooth, sleek platinum, with the definition of the word orgasm engraved in the side… Please do something about this design!?  Perhaps  you could write them and suggest we collaborate on some alternative designs. …

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Cher family portrait


Well, one can only imagine the reaction of Taurus Cher when just a few days before Mother’s Day, her daughter Chastity completes gender reassignment surgery and officially becomes Chaz. I mean there are Taurean mothers out there who do not like it when their daughter changes their HAIR.  And we have seen Cher’s house – a bit medieval, yes? I think Cher, who fanactically maintains her figure come hell or …

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The Art Of Approaching

How To Use Astrology To Pick Up Chicks LOL!

I love the occasional bingle through players guides & this one is a beauty. The Art Of Approaching suggests the following…Would it work on you? Would you try it? I WISH someone would try this on me.  My fave bits are in bold….I don’t think any of these would work for anyone unless you were insanely hot and/or quite drunk at the time. “…When you see an attractive girl next …

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Sean Combs and Natalia Vodianova

Sex On The Go – Saggo?

This is anecdotal only, but it definitely seems to be our Sagg who tops the sex-outdoors, sex-whilst-travelling, sex in planes and sex in trains stakes. Partly because they just ARE outdoors and travelling a lot anyway, I suppose. But they genuinely seem to like it. So here goes, name your sign & sex-on-the-go specifications. Or ‘out’ any Saggo you know of with this predeliction. I know an Aquarius (Virgo Rising) …

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neon sign the G Spot

Mars Retro-Bats Mania One- the G-Spot

So, what is this? Mars goes Retrograde and suddenly scientists are saying the G-Spot doesn’t exist? Nice try but I don’t think so. Mars rules men & sex, amongst other things.  Retro-Mars gets opposed by Venus at the end of January – i’d like to think that this ‘there is no G-spot’ nonsense will be overturned at that point. I actually read – yonks ago – a really naff astrology …

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