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Marlene Dietrich with horse

Marlene Dietrich: True Love Is Astringent

“It’s a flower: Trillium erectum [aka the American True-Love]. Also called birthroot and bethflower. Medicinal use: astringent. “ Wow. She said this. When asked about true love. Marlene Dietrich was many things but the astrological her is mega multiple conjunct Capricorn – Mercury, Sun, Chiron, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars – with Virgo Rising, Moon in Leo and Venus in Aquarius. A la this Vanity Fair article, she was very, VERY Aqua-Venus: …

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woman in bathtub in river

Merde Creek

Weird isn’t it…how Libran females seem to be (in general) coping just fine with Saturn in their sign and yet the men not so well. Some of them really feel like they’re up Merde Creek sans paddle. My theory: The men will perk right up once Mars gets into Saggo on Thursday. They have to. It’s been really strange having Libran men all low and dull-witted. Flirting is like a …

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bird looking intense

The Avian Dating Guide

This picture reminds me of my son’s (Leo) father when i first met him.  Damn Mercury Retrograde and the ex-nostalgia-infinity.  May it be good for something. Okay, it is.  I have a GENIUS IDEA FOR A NEW DATING GUIDE.  It will be the Avian (As in Birds) Dating Guide. Think about it. From countless nature docos watched mostly at the dentist and the people i run into who actually have …

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Untamed Vay-Jay-jays

A New Sexy Hoohoo Trend: What Astro-Influence?

Okay, to continue on with the theme du jour – are we getting into practice for Venus in Scorpio or what? I have some points: * Is the Ancient Sanskrit Goddess Kunti the origin of another word? * Whomever does the US Cosmo Coverlines should get a Pulitzer.  It is probably just the same articles as usual but i want to know what “the touch that calms him during a …

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girl in red looking out window at cityscape

The Ultra Scorpio Athlete

“Hi Mystic, I have a long and strange story for you that reinforces the alleged Scorpionic ruling of the genitals. So the other day my best friend the Scorpio Athlete skypes me and before any greeting formalities asks….”Is my vagina normal? Cause I’ve been staring at myself naked for hours freaking out and I think that it’s deformed”. Having never seen her vagina, you would think I would be a …

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Stevie Nicks doing martial arts

Pattern Recognition; All Geminis Should Be Coolhunted

This is Stevie Nicks, fuq knows how long ago, practicing her martial arts moves with her tonsorially impressive trainer. Note that is was way before martial arts got so mainstream as it is now and doing it in a silk poppysuit pantsuits with stack-heeled boots? Awesome. She was way ahead of her time. Geminis are unreal at pattern recognition. Any corporation trying to cool-hunt ought just have observant Virgoans follow …

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