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The Astrology Of Down-Dating

Are you a Down-Dater?  And if so, what is your Sun and/or Venus sign?  Or was there a particular transit in which you became a Down-Dater? Just to be clear, Down-Dating is not like when one of you is an opera singer and the other is a garbage collector but you’re blissfully happy together, compatible and who gives a damn about any discrepancy in income/status? Down-Dating is when one of …

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The Astrological Bad Sex Awards

Bridesmaids Oh how i love this film and doesn’t Jon Hamm just totally NAIL a certain kind of guy? Anyway, it’s time for the inaugural Astrological Bad Sex Awards. All you  have to do is relay an anecdote involved bad sex and with the signs and/or transit involved. Pluto transits are renowned for general merde but with usually good sex;  it’s odd. I tend to attribute bad sex phases to …

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Astrological Booty Calling

Emma Summerton Right. This is not actually a How-To Guide. It is an exploration.  For something actually useful go get Sleazeometer at the Astro Shop lol. As all the Sun Signs have their own foibles, these must surely apply to the art/science of booty calling, yes? We have already established that Aquarius men enjoy Hunky Doorstopping. that is, they just rock up. Texting beforehand being too non-spontaneous. The novelty of this …

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Miserably Married But They Love It

We all know Mr. and Mrs. Zombie-Hell.  They are miserably married but they like it that way. They’d rather complain and maintain than split up. And, infuriatingly, they’re shockingly judgmental of the people who do split up. Of course, they’re not always married and they can be a Mr and Mr or Ms. and Ms. Or a whole family of Zombie-Hells. But basically what i am talking about is a …

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Age Gap Relationships And Astrology

Age gap relationships and astrology are rich turf for discussion but we lack data! So, what has been the biggest-age gap sexual relationship you’ve ever been involved in? Saying “whose the older person you’ve ever rooted?” seems a bit coarse, no? And the query is more a la the age gap than actual chronological age. “He was 120 at the time, I think” is neither here nor there. Astrologically, the …

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Uranian Dating

  Sam Samore “…WHO is fussing about having an actual date??  Dates are passe.   It’s like a job interview in a cocktail dress.  Please.  “Hanging out” is now.  Dates are like a fuqing contract negotiation post union strike where a few workers got killed on both sides of the table and you have to navigate between corrective action, a fresh start and guilt.   In fact, I actually feel dates are …

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