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Venus Retrograde Love

Venus Retrograde Love Rules Number 1

Venus Retrograde Love Rules Number 1. Screen your calls. It may not sound romantic, but you never know who’s going to want to reach out. When Venus is Retrograde, you can’t necessarily expect to hear from whom you’re hoping to hear from. It’s like you order an ancient grain blini with pomegranate and someone delivers you a cheap pizza. So screen your calls and restrain from e-stalking or social media …

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The Tabloid Geisha Led A Life Of “Sex & Astrology”

Political mistress and Tabloid Geisha Rielle Hunter apparently led a life of “sex and astrology.” It sounds totally legit. The rest of it? Hyper-weird. This story – about the American politician John Edwards and his alleged mistress Rielle Hunter gets battier and battier as you scroll down. Sex, drugs, astrology, a threesome with Brett Easton Ellis, 101-year-old billionaires financing the mistresses hairdos, campaign funds misappropriated to spend on, um, well …

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Earth Signs Are Easy

Lisa Congdon So my friend the Leo Thesp airiliy confided an astro-cliche the other day. He feels that the Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) are the most morally grounded people of the Zodiac. Grounded is appropriate for an Earth Sign but Leo Thesp says Earth Signs also operate within a firm structure of values. BUT that they are tremendously easy to seduce as they require nothing but food to turn …

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Twelve Ways To Leave Your Lover

Bohemea Forget 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover – a la that strange old song.  Let’s just go with a simple 12 ways – one for each sign of the Zodiac. Aries: In a blur of red dust, tyres shrieking, preferably in a red ferrari and into the sunset. No words, no explanations, no emo scenes. Taurus: Taurus takes the couch. Will admit to all faults, concede all points, take …

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Never Been Scorped

I was going to say just a pithy “no comment” with this one but then i thought about it; i have never actually thinged a Scorpio. How did this happen? I think maybe because my Neptune is in Scorpio, could that be it? So i think they’re too slippery? Also, conspiracy theories don’t work for me as foreplay. My one date with a Scorp went to straight to hell before …

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Venus In Scorpio Tells All!

David Sims Venus is in Scorpio right NOW – of course – so until early November we are ALL Venus in Scorp.  But let’s hear from those of you with the pleasure of being BORN Venus in Scorpio. Or Venus in the 8th House. Or Venus conjunct Pluto.  Let’s go here.  If any of these astrological descriptions apply to you, congratulations, you are most likely a sensation in bed…up against …

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