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Strung-Out Love Zombie To Sexy Self-Actualizing Human

BEFORE Dear Mystic, You probably get at least 50 messages a day from men and women all over the world venting to you by asking for your advice to see if Partner A or Partner B will work for them. I’ve just come to you to say that I’ve recognized WHY I’ve been so plagued with the inherent desire to be with someone and why I tend to choose such …

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Dark Side Of The Venus

Venus conjunct Jupiter at the same Venus turns Direct spins the whole deal into a blur of Love Zombies, Central European Bankers, and Vampire Romance. O.M.G it’s real; it’s happening. I feel like we are all interconnected on this matter, right here, right now. Think High Functioning Flakes, Fuqed Up Clueless Whores, Pseudo-Intellectual Astro-Bitches, Bad Gurus, Your Ex, My Ex. WHAT IS HAPPENING?  Venus is stationing Direct – at an …

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Lady, You Don’t Need Astrology

About three times a week I get more or less the same email only from a different woman. Yes, always female. My response is always that they don’t need astrology, that they need a shrink. Or to get a grip.  Or anything other than the weird warp they are apparently stuck in. To Clarify. The classic version of this email goes something like this:  Dear Mystic, i am in love …

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Could You Have A Neptunian Loving Problem?

Etsy Vintage Mermaids Please answer, as honestly as possible, Agree or Disagree to the following questions. * You sometimes prefer Fantasy Crush Scenarios to actual real relationships. * You are Pisces Rising, Sun or Moon. * You always feel more fond of your lovers once you have broken up with them. * You enjoy reading legends such as that of King Arthur, his Queen Guenivere and the Knight Lancelot and …

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Advice For Dating A Cancer Man

Advice for dating a Cancer man? Well, first up yes they play games and run little experiments. But they won’t duck direct emotional dialogue. Read on for my advice to “Anxious Crab,” a Cancerian woman mystified by the erratic contact of her Crab guy. “Hi Mystic, I am currently dating my first ever Cancer (I’m Cancer too). I met him at the end of April, and for the last 6 …

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Getting Back Together With Venus Retrograde

Is getting back together with Venus Retrograde a good idea? As in you’re re-thinking your decision to split? Or, is it astrologically bad? Venus Retrograde naturally entices even the most stoic mind down the path of “what if…?” It is a time when the prospect of closure, revival, or even just contact with an ex can seem more appealing. It’s also just the Retro-Venusian Voodoo; strange echoes of relationships gone …

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