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You Broke My Heart - You Killed Me

Love Zombie Relapse Symptoms

Venus square Pluto synastry is but one aspect of the obsessive love frenzy that is Love Zombie Central. When these two square one another in general, it’s a trigger. And, the latest Wuthering Heights movie is bound to be a MASSIVE trigger for even the most dormant of Love Zombie tendencies, seriously. Wuthering Heights is absolutely on the Non-Recommended Reading for Love Zombies list. So is the Venus-square Pluto shebang …

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Mia Farrow in a Sixties movie, sitting alone in a diner with red stockings

Dating Drought: Why No Love Action?

Dating Drought – Why No Love Action (?) is one of the most popular questions in the Oracle. And, it is a perennial of people after astrology advice or doing their Tarot.  Timing Love in astrology is an art and in fact, a good time for romance can just as easily express as art. Or through being more in ‘love’ with your life. If it’s Venus, it can evoke a …

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Love Zombie Trigger Alert

Amongst other things, Venus in Leo square Mars in Scorp on the verge of a Feral Full Moon (see extended alert re this on Monthly Horoscopes page) could trigger Love Zombie tendencies. Even long dead – you thought – little, um, tendrils. Love Triffids? Anyway, obviously you’re having none of this: Do Yoga, Do Your Nails, Do Hair Genius, Do Work, Do YOU – do anything but even a teensy …

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Who Is The Ghost-Bolter?

Hey we’ve talked about Love Zombies at length and there are weeks when the Horoscopes become like a non-stop Qi Vampire alert lol. But what of the (usually) male version of the tends-to-be-female Love Zombie?   Let’s call him the Ghost-Bolter.  As in he bolts at the slightest hint of a theoretical change in the astrophysics of the day. And then it is as if he was a ghost. There remains …

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Another Love Zombie?

Mystic, I’m the Queen of the Love Zombies but also an astro-novice so I’m not fretting over charts (only because I don’t know how), really confused and wondering if you and/or your readers might have some advice? I’m not going to go bore you with details but basically I’ve been with my boyfriend for four years and he is unwilling to speak to me about the future and the possibility …

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Strung-Out Love Zombie To Sexy Self-Actualizing Human

BEFORE Dear Mystic, You probably get at least 50 messages a day from men and women all over the world venting to you by asking for your advice to see if Partner A or Partner B will work for them. I’ve just come to you to say that I’ve recognized WHY I’ve been so plagued with the inherent desire to be with someone and why I tend to choose such …

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