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Venus In Aqua – The Love Zombie Antidote

I’d like to thank Venus in Aquarius (since February 2) for my having become the total opposite of a Love Zombie. It’s like ultra-violet lucidity and a genuine disdain for anything that feels too fake, soggy or non-now. Natal Venus in Aquarius peeps, please share: Do you ever experience Love Zombie attacks? Or did you fall in the pot of magic potion as a child and you are thus perma-inoculated? …

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R.I.P. Linda Pugach – Piscean Patron Saint Of Love Zombies

The tale of Linda Pugarch is such a totally sad, macabre and fuqed up Love Zombie saga.  I mean, seriously, w.t.f?  I just read about it yesterday.  She had a ten years older married lover, dumped him when he still wouldn’t leave his wife, he hired hitmen to blind her with lye & she married him when he got out of jail. She was 22, a sheltered, dark-haired Bronx beauty …

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There Are (a few) Unrequited Love Benefits

Obsessive and unrequited love, while dysfunctional, can have beneficial side-effects. So we all know the downside of being a Love Zombie but what about the upsides? Former and Recovering Love Zombies: please don’t take this as a trigger lol. But seriously, i can think of two, just offhand. (1) The development of skills & attributes you might not otherwise have had. Eg; I know someone who became a really skilled …

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Your Love Zombie Greatest Hits

What were your worst or most lurid Love Zombie highs and lows? In honor of Venus square Neptune, past and present L.Z.s share their stories. So subscribers will have noticed the Love Zombie alerts woven into their Horoscopes for the weekend, yes? Some signs are more at risk than others. And it may even be GOOD for Pisceans.  But, to avoid the stunning Love Zombie trigger that is Venus in …

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Same Birthday Synergy Attraction?

Hey Mystic, I know you’re busy, but just thought I’d ask you this random puzzling question… What’s the deal with a romantic interest with someone who has the same birthday as oneself? Recently bumped into someone on a plane who is April 17 Aries like me (but a few years older)… There were a few sparks and it feels vibey. Thing is I’ve been in a relationship before with someone …

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Superman heating tv dinner with his heat vision. He is sitting on a cracked television.

Aries In Relationships Have This Weird Glitch

Aries in relationships have this weird glitch. They can end up in trouble because they don’t need support. Or so they say. Instead, they stress their superior self-reliance skills and demand a juiced up version of respect. But sycophancy will suffice. They can be so invested into their self-image of invulnerability that they end up isolated. And then, even the most loving and loyal Aries ends up bereft because they …

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