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A Cool Chiron Return Romance

I knew the artist Francoise Gilot spent her 20s with the perma-famous artist Picasso. I did not know that she later enjoyed the most fabulous and enduring romance with Jonas Salk, the virologist best known for inventing the polio vaccine. He was a multiple Scorpio – Sun, Ascendant, Mars, and Mercury – with the classic scientist-genius signature of Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Aquarius. Gilot is a Saggo – now nearly …

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Your Neptunian Boyfriend

Your Neptunian boyfriend never gave a fuq what time it was. He wasn’t “always late” – he saw himself as transcendental.  But he’d queue overnight to be there on time for music, cinema or drugs.  He had a horticulture degree’s equivalent of knowledge on Dream Weed and framed his use of Space Dust as some sort of anarchy.  You could tell he thought his beauty and charm inoculated him against …

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Elon Musk And Grimes Have Six Soulmating Links

Elon Musk and Grimes have just six soulmating links – which is about the average amount but they’re cool ones! Grimes’s Sun Opposite Elon Musk’s Pluto This link is like the relationship is set in permanent Pluto Transit mode; fantastic if you’re a Plutonic or Eighth House person, not at all sustainable if you’re not. In some cases, Elon Musk is ‘sent’ to turn Grimes onto their repressed Pluto or …

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Suddenly Attracted To Geminis?

How could someone be suddenly attracted to Geminis? Is it like when you change sexual orientation, but really, you always knew? And nobody is surprised when you show up with your Gemini dental hygienist? Or start to broaden your mental database of contemporary information to ve more aligned with a Gemini? Hints: Make your mind more ‘news feed’ than ‘scholarly.’ Remember that verbosity and pomposity are more of a threat …

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Bea Arthur in alien bar

Dating After Chiron Return?

It must be Venus in Libra. Or Saturn Fatigue from the Karma Cop having been on the South Node so long. Hormones in plastic? Whatever the reason, people are asking about Chiron Return dating all of a sudden. Like the better-known Saturn Return, Chiron Return is cyclical. It occurs to everyone in their late 40s and early 50s. Chiron returns to where it was when you were born. It’s like …

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