There Are Now Four Horoscopes!

There are now FOUR Horoscopes: The Personal Daily – done off your personal natal chart and – for all signs – the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Horoscopes. The return of the Daily Horoscopes (for all signs/rising signs) is by popular demand. And, I am also now putting the Mystic posts that are series on the Mega Mystic Members page, under the Daily Mystic archives, for easy access. So far, it …

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August 2020 Monthly Horoscopes Are Posted

The August Monthly Horoscopes are up! Saturn is back on the juice, really over-extending his stay in Capricorn and as you may have gathered, Mars is moving into high-performance mode. In a month, there are usually a couple of edge dates that you mention but when looking at August it’s more a matter of okay, fine: Mars square everything, starting now. But this is helpful, I hope, advice in there …

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The Mars In Aries Astro-Rave Mp3 Is Here

We are just days away from Mars in Aries for 27 weeks! This is legit rare. It’s not your usual “don’t nark off on social media, do martial arts” Mars Retrograde. It’s going to be six months with Mars, Saturn, and Neptune strong on their home turf.  Mars squares Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto – three times. Lilith meets Eris in Aries, Mars is Retro between 15 and 28 Aries + …

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The Revival Of Magic & Other Announcements

Hyper-fluctuating focus? Circadian rhythms that you think might be for another galaxy? Mercury at the end of the zodiac is weird at any time but with everything else going on and after weeks of Retrograde surrealism, it’s the final irony. As I write, we’re 20 hours off Mercury at Zero Aries A.K.A. actionable genius. Prepare to coalesce your most cogent realizations from the last nine weeks into your new algorithm. …

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Living On The Edge Of Chaos

Some small announcements: If you could not view the Daily Mystic for Wednesday (not Tuesday), you can read it here. Please also email your computer/device type and your email client (eg: Outlook, Gmail etc). Tuesday’s one glitched – for reasons outside of my control – and we fixed it. But Wednesday’s one is apparently still displaying weirdly for some people. If you are one of them, these details will …

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Map The Terrain Of Future You

Long range astrology reports don’t tell you what is “going to happen.” They help you plan what you will do. You control your actions, style, and process. The Year Ahead and Seven Years Ahead Astrology reports lay out the astrological terrain. They are more map than a how-to guide. You set courses and destinations. The Astro-Reports are navigation aids. They reveal magical helpers, likely obstacles, background themes and significant influences. …

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