The zodiac sign that the Moon was in at your birth is as relevant and influential as your Sun Sign, which gets all the attention. But who talks about Moon Signs?

They represent our inner realm, reflecting primal emotional patterns and how we nurture ourselves and others. The Sun is who we strive to be, the Moon is who we already are.

Read all about Moon Signs, their influence and how they affect your psyche.

Full Moon In Aquarius Benefits

The Full Moon in Aquarius has benefits. You don’t have to try and feign normality. It is also superb for weird romances, objectivity & inventions. There is a strong desire to not be crowded. What counts as crowded? Any people whatsoever. But it is brilliant for re-devising your meditation regime (especially with tech help, such as binaural beats) and other consciousness upgrades. If you’re not a bourgeois relationship person, the …

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The Vortex Moons

When the Void of Course Moon Is a Vortex, it is like a Void Moon on peptides. What the hell, you may be wondering, are the Vortex Moons? Well, the official term is Void Moons, and so they are named thus in the Moon Calendar. But I think of them as Vortex Moons. “Void” implies nothingness, a gap or a weird lunar black hole or something. Vortex is a whirlwind …

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Dark Moon Formula Perfected

Here are the Dark Moon Rules. Do you have to follow them? No. But they work. You can see the Dark Moons for your timezone on the Moon Calendar here. The Dark Moon is a couple of days in a Moon cycle right before the Moon is New. The New Moon is a conjunction of the Sun and Moon that represents a fresh cycle, it’s when you get extra galactic …

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Void Moon In Scorpio

Waiting For The Void Moon In Scorpio

Moon Genius is easy with an ultra-long Void Moon in Scorpio. First, there was the Full Moon in Scorpio with the long build-up and then this. A nineteen-hour Void Moon in Scorpio. What next? Drones in Scorpio?  A Scorpio soul virus? So anyway, waiting for the long Void Moon to pass, nine more hours of this thing to go, just trying to keep a real cool demeanor going with this. To …

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Happy Moon Day

A task list that feels like wrangling horses in a s-storm?  Me too. But a Monday (literally, day of the Moon) with the Moon in Cancer is amazing. Just engage your intuition before you hurl yourself into the task vortex. And, Venus is conjunct asteroid Bast – the cat goddess of ancient Egypt. There is all manner of mysteries and feelings that are cryptic or nebulous. With this sort of …

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