The zodiac sign that the Moon was in at your birth is as relevant and influential as your Sun Sign, which gets all the attention. But who talks about Moon Signs?

They represent our inner realm, reflecting primal emotional patterns and how we nurture ourselves and others. The Sun is who we strive to be, the Moon is who we already are.

Read all about Moon Signs, their influence and how they affect your psyche.

surreal art woman in snow with full moon

La Luna Piscean

Hey THIS is the Moon on Neptune.  In Pisces. In alchemy. In surrealism. Magical thinking clicks in to help you make all manner of useful mind synchs and connections. This energy is fluid, slippery and not to be fuqed with.  Combat Lower Neptunian cravings (Zombie Urges, Toxic Escapism) via Haute Neptune activities: art, yoga, scrawling in your journal with indigo ink, perfecting the Feng Shui. OH and MEDITATION…How are we …

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Pamela Zaps Back

Good ON Pamela Anderson, both for sharing her story and speaking out against the abusers whose main defense against discovery is usually shaming or destroying the victim. People in the public eye being so transparent and brave gives support to the victims still suffering with this schizz today and helps the shift the blame back where it belongs. With the perp. She’s had Mars going back and forth opposite her …

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Psychedelic Pink Lion Art

Weekly Scopes & Tarot

Hey you sense the paradigm shift don’t you? That Grand Cardinal Cross/Zap Zone schizz followed up by a couple wowser of a New Moon Eclipse in Taurus AND then the Scorpio Full Moon just gone means something shifted massively in April, something major began and yet we may not see the full scope of it till after Mars goes Direct and then gets of ‘shadow’ over June. Speaking of Mars …

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Luna La Verite

People, the Wednesday Daily Horoscopes are up & they’re more pointed than usual, as befitting the combo of Jupiter trine Chiron (yay!) Mars you-know-what and Venus vamping Pluto, Uranus, Mercury and Jupiter. I mean seriously w.t.f. Congrats to all the peeps NOT going there with the Love Zombie Triggers this week. It’s also a Full Moon in Scorpio on Saturn – just genius for a spot of depth psych probe …

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Lauren Bacall surreal eyes 1948

Vamping The Details With Luna In Virgo

I always thought Lauren Bacall was a witch and hello, juggling Illumanati plates is just such a perfect statement for a Sun-Mercury in Virgo opposite Uranus in Pisces woman.   What if just being a Virgo were a martial art? As always, the Moon in Virgo is a beautiful vortex of efficiency, details consciousness and pure raw life-editing genius of Awesome. That cold little tornado in the middle is Retro-Mars in …

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Lykke Li arty black and white

Lykke Li Totally Gets Saturn

“When Li talks about the difficult period in her life that inspired I Never Learn, she launches into a discussion of the astrological phase known as the Return of Saturn with the graveness of an environmental scientist explaining climate change. “It’s in every person’s life, around 27 to 29 years old,” she says, “the stars and the planets align themselves to exactly the way they were when you were born. …

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