Karen Elson with black crow

Dark Moon Pluto

Dark Moon trine Pluto creates a spooky undertone but fabulous insights if you can be there with the intensity…as it also aspects the Nodes. So you may be able to glimpse destiny at work in your life…Ishtar, Circe and Lilith …

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art modern minotaur flexing bicep


And now the Moon in Taurus is here, a perfect counter to the heat and bombast of the building Ariean vibe. Lunar Taurus is wisdom of the body, tres Eco and assurance of your strategy, stance, feelings… Plus She is …

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absrract modern art woman flowers

Dark Moon Magic

Both Mercury and the Sun are moving toward Uranus, infusing this Dark Moon in Pisces with a peculiar magic. Pay attention to even the tiniest psychosomatic style twingings & if you want more intuitive awareness, it’s right there. Lately it’s …

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Lady centaur with punk hair

Monday Mooning

Allan Amato Sagittarians are SO ready to be on the move again…. Venus zooms toward Uranus, rendering romance mercurial, synchronistic and mega-non-trad. Like trying to stuff lightening into a box.That’s the vibe for the whole week. Anything that happens is …

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designer dress made out of crotchet blanket material

Crab Moon Advice

Would a Cancerian love this dress???  Perhaps it’s too short but it fits the nostalgia vibe perfectly. Bugga the flash-nostalgia. I just had a zinger of a moment, apropos of nothing i remembered v.clearly the moment an Ex told me …

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