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Venus In Taurus Is Luxuriant And Green

Venus in Taurus is Helen of Troy, luxuriant sensuality and the High Priestess vibe; all rolled into one. “At this moment my cousin Helen came sailing up, like the long-necked swan she fancied herself to be. She had a distinctive swaying walk and she was exaggerating it. Although mine was the marriage in question, she wanted all the attention for herself. She was as beautiful as usual, indeed more so: …

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Uranus Transits Are Wild Synchronicity

Uranus transits are unique in astrology; they’re exciting, life-altering & feature wild, high magic synchronicity. So how can you plan for them? You can’t! Uranus is the Magician & the Trickster – the ‘higher Octave’ of Mercury. He is more akin to the mythological Prometheus than his actual namesake. Uranus transits are amazing. Anticipate super-synchronicity, speedy pace, inspiration, and individuation. The status-quo? Cactus. Aside from the Uranus transits to your …

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Neptune Stationing Retrograde sends a surge of spooky shamanic Neptune rays into the atmosphere, conjuring up magic and ghosts. There are nebulous goo-goo psychic rays all over the place. It is super energy for divination, psychic work & magical synchronicity. A soul atmosphere pervades many a relationship as this is officially an astro-signature of soulmates. But it’s also unrequited love, potential delusion and a shocker of a time to get …

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Mercury Retrograde

Productive Mercury Retrograde Nostalgia

During Mercury Retrograde, nostalgia can be productive. This is especially the case when Mercury is Retrograde in Taurus. It’s a time when doing a retrospective stock take of your stuff will elicit the most radical insights. What you wore. How you spent. The things you lusted over. So here is a Taurus-style question for you to ponder. Trust me, this will help you fast-grok the retro-Mercury. It could even provide …

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Saturn In Virgo & Wheat Sensitivity

Saturn in Virgo coincided with Grain Brain, Wheat Belly and gluten awareness going mainstream. It’s apt as one Virgo symbol is grain or wheat. Yes, I live in an area populated by the Wankerati & so I know it’s easy to make fun of this, but I don’t care. Wheat sensitivity awareness has been picking up since Saturn in Virgo. More cafes have gluten-free or at least wheat free offerings …

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