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Era Shifting

Julius Shulman So let’s have a discussion about era shifting. We’re clearly living through a major end-of-era-start-of-new-era scenario now. Some empires crumble. Others emerge. Your own even? Obviously Uranus in Aries (revolutionary) square Pluto in Capricorn (planet of change in the sign of business/structure) was ALWAYS going to be a massive kick in the bum for some institutions of power. This is why i get so annoyed with end of …

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Uranus Venus Transits

The Truth About Uranus Venus Transits

Wanna know the truth about Uranus Venus transits? They are the most maddening, whacked out and inspirational astral passages you can have. How do you know if Uranus is influencing your natal Venus by transit? Oh you’ll know. You will be like catnip for Uranian and Aquarian people. Your sleep cycles will flip all over the place, but it’s not insomnia – it’s hypnogogic dreaming or polyphasic sleep-cycling. Uranus-Venus Transits …

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Dream Messengers From Saturn

Juri Arrak – The Messengers   Yes, yes i would rather have dream messengers from Neptune (the classic C.E.O. of dreams) Hypnos (God of Sleep) or obviously Venus/Freya/Aphrodite. But Saturn being at a standstill in prep for going Direct in just under 13 hours, any un-acknowledged Saturn shit WILL break through into your dreams. Standard Saturn Crap Dream Themes:  Walking naked (in a non-hot way) around some board-room or important …

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12th House Re-Set

Shinji Ohmaki I prefer writing to reading (mercury in aries = know-it-all, we learn by osmosis) but when ever i DO happen upon a description of the 12th House, it’s usually really annoying. It’s often described as the “house of self-undoing” like some sort of dreadful shit-hole where we metaphorically crawl off to be completely hopeless and get wasted sort of thing. It’s the same way Neptune & Pisces get …

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Amortals Are Totally Uranian

Tara McPherson   “…Things change. Amortals don’t, not at the core. These are the swelling ranks of people – and I am one – who live agelessly, doing and consuming many of the same things from teens into old age. For us, the concept of age-appropriate behaviour has little meaning. We don’t structure our lives around the inevitability of decline and death because we prefer to ignore it. Perpetual motion …

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Looking Back At The World, From Another Level

McDermott & McGough So, you know how Mercury was Retrograde in ARIES from late March through to just the other week? Well it’s officially finishing the phase in 30 hours…As in it will be out of shadowzone. And wasn’t it weird?!’ Mercury in Aries Retrogrades are relatively rare. eg; the last one was from March 20 to April 12 2005. Think about THAT phase of time for an interesting eureka …

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