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Carbosexual Sumo Astrology

Here are your Food Horoscopes in one — Jupiter in Taurus ups appetites, particularly for carbohydrates. And Taurus + Cancer are the foodies of the Zodiac. Jupiter Void in TAURUS is enough to fuq with even the most devout, body-chemistry-optimal diet.  Jupiter the planet is a gigantic blob of inert gas. Jupiter in Taurus is enough to turn us into giant blobs of inert gas – only on the couch, …

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A New Constellation

The Rite Of Passage Transits

The rite of passage transits occur to everyone at about the same age, regardless of your individual astrological chart energies. So, you can plan for them! They are like milestones and they loosely go along with each decade’s big birthday. In fact, if the age you are turning has a zero at the end of it, there is probably a transit for it. Turning Ten:  You are near your first …

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Retro style vintage sci fi rocket man

Zap Zone Refresher

For some of you, these points have already been made at length but still, other peeps are emailing wanting to know “what’s up?” or “what is the Zap Zone?”  So here are my thoughts re F.A.Q.  And no, I am not an economist, this i.m.o. What Is The Zap Zone?  It is what I call the Uranus square Pluto scenario.  Uranus and Pluto interact with relative rarity. The last time …

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Hipster Ariel

Shopping With Saturn Has Advantages

When you and your Saturn transit go shopping, you know you’re not going to waste a single cent on fripperies. You’ll be more like Marcus Aurelius on meth. When you are having a Saturn Transit, Saturn goes shopping with you, like a particularly stingy druid-accountant figure traipsing around behind you. And the dialogue goes a bit like this: YOU:  Wow, a new skin cream with poly-peptides to restore the inner …

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Vintage science fiction art of Mars princess

When You’re Having A Mars Transit

When you have a Mars transit, you don’t suffer fools. You delete them from your contacts list, block and avoid forever. It’s ruthless. But when it is Mars in Virgo, the process is particularly exacting. And, it’s extra-potent for actual Virgo people. Their Virgo Vision is amplified.  Humility, honesty and a hard-work ethic are hard-wired into the Virgo psyche. But how ape have Virgos been going since Mars got into …

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Titanic Astrology

o.m.g here we go again, with Titanic 3D, right? It was such a haunting tragedy with so many spooky overtones, I’m officially messed up by any Titanic movie, let alone the ‘ghost’ bit at the end of the James Cameron version.  Cameron is Mercury-Sun-Pluto in Leo, trined by Mars in Saggo. Showmanship to the max. Leos & Cinema have an automatic affinity.  Incidentally, the Sun and Ascendent of cinematic legend …

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