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Are You Iron Enough For Mars in Capricorn?

Are you iron enough for Mars in Capricorn? It’s a Mars of early morning focus, kettlebells, and delayed gratification. It’s a Mars that means business. I just re-read The Iron as it is so apt for now. How? It’s a Mars that demands oomph and acceleration. If you’re not going too fast, you’re in the wrong lane. And that’s speeding with strategy, by the way. Mars in Capricorn hones discipline …

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The Scorpio Eclipse Stimulates Pluto Vibe

The Scorpio Eclipse stimulates Pluto energy. It intensifies whatever is going on with your natal Pluto or any Pluto transit. That’s your go-zone. Super-rad reset resolve?  Freaky psychological insights? Strung-out? Plutonic insights that precede a phoenix stunt nearly always start with a phase of feeling uncomfortable and paranoid. The ill-at-ease feeling before a coup or a transformation is not often enough acknowledged. Worthwhile morphs rarely begin with a sensation of …

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American Retrograde

  Seriously wish America would not insist on doing elections with Mercury Retrograde; this is similar to the astro going down the time there was that ballot-fraud-voter-machine s.n.a.f.u when Bush got in.  Only now there is the Zap Zone & Neptune in cuckoo aspect to Mercury Retro.  I know quite a few democrat Americans who are a bit over Obama but seriously w.t.f, the latest bunch of Republicans make the …

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Venus Uranus Oppositions Are Not Normal So Why Try?

Venus Uranus oppositions don’t care how tired you are or what might constitute a boring ‘healthy choice.’ They’re all about high-vibe rapport and ingenuity. So half of the astro is like “you’re exhausted, take a rest, seriously sleep or get a carrot juice or something and then tomorrow you can work some more on your pelvic alignment or using your quads less when you cycle. Plus don’t you have some …

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The Taurus Full Moon Is Always Full On

The Taurus Full Moons are always full on. They feature money politics, power-tripping and people with avaricious Thing Lust. Full Moons come around every month, and some are more volatile than others. This one (Monday Night/Tues Morning, depending on where you are in the world, exact times for your timezone are in the Moon Calendar) has super-bats potential. Full Moons are always when the Moon opposes the Sun but this time …

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Neptune Direct Brings An Encrypted Message

Neptune Direct always brings a message, but it’s encrypted. The Shamanic Planet transmits on the frequencies used by shamans, ghosts, astral-travelers, and druids between lives. You’re not going to get your affirmation or omen via any form of mail or coherent message. To recap, Neptune spends nearly half the year Retrograde. Its actual retrograde phase is not the point. But the days when it turns Retrograde and Direct are high-potency …

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