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If Saturn Were A Vitamin

I’m big on Saturn benefits, even when it’s a Saturn transit 1st House scenario. It’s the one where you’re gloomy but stunningly self-commanded. You find it easy to follow self-optimizing regimes and discard all that would enfeeble you. It’s good for your looks, even if your new glow is at the expense of frivolity or partying. If Saturn were a vitamin, it would be incredible. But of course, the point of …

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Hans Feurer fashion image of Goth styled model in long black dress, fishnet stockings and black lipstick carrying a tennis racket and ball

The Moon Conjunct South Node Meaning

Pluto turning Retrograde with the Moon conjunct South Node is Realization City. And, for some people, past life perspectives.  My dreams were off some psychological Richter scale; magical and as if I was being shown what i needed to see. I was flying but could not control my flight – I either soared so high it was scary or was unable to get off the ground.  There was a house …

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The Real Meaning Of The Astrological Venus

There is a lot of fluff around the astrological Venus meaning. Traditionally, it meant women, allure and romantic love. But it is also style and culture. A genuinely Venusian person is not necessarily driven by sex nor even relationships. Venus is affection, affinity, and pleasure. You can express your Venusian Vibe via adoration of someone OR appreciation of yourself and self-love. The desire to transcend the everyday through making a …

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Haute-Lo Outer Planets

You can be a sexy archetype or just a plain boring old stereotype.  Same idea – different dimension of manifestation. Just as the Sun Signs manifest as both their Haute & Low versions of key characteristics – so to do the Outer Planets.  You get to know ALL about this when one of them is influencing an Inner Planet of yours. For instance: Neptune opposes your Sun – Neptune enters …

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Philosophy For Pluto in Capricorn

Anti-Fragile, written by Plutonic Capricorn Nassim Nicholas Taleb, is the best primer for Pluto in Capricorn philosophy. It’s a very now book.  Anti-Fragile talks of a state beyond resilience. Of being not just able to withstand change but to brazenly thrive though it. As the Pluto in Capricorn economy is going to be bringing it with massive geopoltical shifts all the way through up until 2024, we need this. Here is …

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The Uranian Ultra Transit

Has anyone noticed that ever since Uranus got into Aries (June 2010) a whole new breed/genre of guys has been sprung upon us? Regardless of their Sun Sign, these dudes are Aries in nature, brash, big-mouthed, brazenly fit, up themselves, pioneering, individualist and determined to take their message to the world. They’ve definitely displaced the older-school guru guys. I’m thinking Tim Ferriss,   Mark Sisson & Joe Rogan & Dave Asprey …

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