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The Uranian Ultra Transit

Has anyone noticed that ever since Uranus got into Aries (June 2010) a whole new breed/genre of guys has been sprung upon us? Regardless of their Sun Sign, these dudes are Aries in nature, brash, big-mouthed, brazenly fit, up themselves, pioneering, individualist and determined to take their message to the world. They’ve definitely displaced the older-school guru guys. I’m thinking Tim Ferriss,   Mark Sisson & Joe Rogan & Dave Asprey …

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Daryl Hannah squatting by pool

Saturn In Scorpio Squats To Eliminate

So i was hanging at Pilates (literally) when i overheard Aries Pilates Instructor telling someone that “colonics are finished, completely 20th Century and the same with all those stupid cleanses.”  The gist: Elimination IS stunningly important for anti-aging, vitality & to avoid hideous health irks. All anyone need do is get a Squatty Potty. This easily re-creates the desirable paleo-caveperson squat style & angle & voila: total elimination & speedy …

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Asteroid Bast On Chiron

Asteroid Bast – the Cat Goddess – is conjunct Chiron – the Maverick Healer – on Tuesday. I love this cover pic of Capricorn Georgia Jagger with her cat. The Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday are up…Pandora, Bast and YES the Moon in Virgo. I’m getting my Mars on – trudging through cyclone to do two hours of Pilates.  

The musician Cher in a black Eighties dress with cutaway slits. She has a black cat on her shoulders

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto Transits

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto transits are the heavy-hitters of astrology. Lasting for years and perhaps even over a decade, they’re not phases, they’re eras. To know what’s up with these, you can get one of my transit reads OR just speed read the below if you’re short of time/money. Neptune is influencing the part of your chart where you have early Pisces. It is where you will be soon blessed beyond …

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Elizabeth Wurtzel Is Mars Conjunct Neptune

The writer Elizabeth Wurtzel (Prozac Nation) is a Leo with Mars conjunct Neptune square her Leo Sun. It shows in her genius and the ego tripping. I’ve never actually taken Prozac, but i loved Elizabeth Wurtzel’s Prozac Nation – it was iconic in its day, of course. And then i even tried to read her later book Bitch – In Praise Of Difficult Women. I wanted to like it! But …

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Sandy Hook

Obviously what just occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut is just hideous. I spent some time stuffing around with the charts of this, the Aurora “Batman” shootings, Columbine, Dunblane looking for, you know, astrological resonance. * But it’s just too sad & heartbreaking; i don’t really care what Mars or the Moon was doing on these awful days. It’s just too easy and heartbreaking to imagine the …

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