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man with fox

Foxes, Weird Wednesday

I am in love with this man and foxes and this Aqua Moon-Uranian energy that brings up SO much but which is totally worth the churn. Daily Horoscopes for Weird Wednesday are up btw – please read the special note at the top of it it, it applies to all the signs and from the whenever it is you read it.   Top Image: Inspiration Station Bottom Image: Game of …

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Abstract Art Collage

When Your Progressed Ascendant Is Gemini

Mystic answers someone asking if their Progressed Ascendant in Gemini has occurred yet. There are different ways to measure it but in this case, yes it has. The Progressed Ascendant is about as rare as Saturn Return and is often momentous. You rapidly evolve your whole stance to the world, image, and persona. But depending on the form of progression technique you use, there are different dates that it can …

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Artistic light bulb

The Never Ending Lightbulb Moment

Jupiter Square Uranus Vibe is totally Tesla: eureka flashes, swift re-framings of situations, and speed-morphs. Time is not linear, and this aspect proves it for sure. There are three different ways it can manifest.  (1) Globally or as what I call an astro-passage. That is what’s going on now. Jupiter is at a ninety degree (square) angle with Uranus. Jupiter amplifies. It’s challenging Uranus to be more Uranian. Everyone feels …

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Scorpio Cat

Kamikaze Astro

One more email about Harmonic Ascension (because of the Grand Water Trine) and i scream.  It’s Saturn anchored. You’re either learning something amazing or you find yourself in the position of sagacious teacher. If it’s the latter, the very lesson you’re imparting sheds some major psychological light upon your past. New perspective on a previous life. Compassion for your once-upon-a-time shortcomings.  But there is a sting. It’s not so easily …

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Lauren Oliver book quote

Mars Conjunct South Node Manifesto

The author, Lauren Oliver, is Scorpio, with Mars conjunct the South Node in Capricorn. This reads like a manifesto for that position. Below is my Astral DNA delineation for that position Mars Opposition North Node This aspect actually means that Mars lurks on the South Node: under stress, they can default to mercenary mode. In fact, the traditional meaning of this aspect is that the person comes from military past …

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Happy Rad New Moon

Honest to Hecate, i have not experienced a more psychologically intense Dark Moon for ages – how about you guys? Yes it was aggravated by Saturn going Direct but WHAT a churn, yes? But this New Moon is stunning – it comes with Saturn Direct for focus, clarity, purpose, biz acumen and all – tap the strengths of Saturnine discipline & superior organizational mojo.  AND it’s like a clean emotional …

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