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Thomas Pynchon On Pluto

The author Thomas Pynchon (Gravity’s Rainbow, Inherent Vice) has a hot take in Pluto in two of his books, maybe more. Maybe his natal Jupiter opposite Pluto helps him tune into it more. When you are born with that bit of business, you do Pluto with dubstep; it’s part of your rhythm. When you get ambitious or excited by ideas; hello Uncle Pluto. “Pluto is in my sign now, held …

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The New Venus Retrograde Rules

Venus Retrograde 2020 Protocol Every Venus Retro has rules. Venus Retrograde 2020 has new rules. It’s not a control mechanism. It’s to help you avoid hair mistakes (henna, vodka, and the no-poo regime can be problematic) or drastically over-investing in a digital dating crush. It’s not a myth. I know a Virgo who left her partner/cats and sold a successful business at a loss to fly back to the country …

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A Homage to Mars In ‘Detriment’

The real meaning of Mars in so-called detriment is that it’s not actually a thing. The same goes for Mars in ‘fall.’ How many of you have, as avid potential astro-fiends or seekers of self-mastery, felt dejected upon finding out your Mars was apparently defective? The concept comes from an ancient system known as planetary exaltation. Namely, that the Sun, Moon, and planets each had a sign of the Zodiac …

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Science fiction Venus

Your New Paradigm Venus In Gemini

Venus in Gemini 2020 was always going to be weird. Four times longer than the usual passage of Venus through a sign, it includes Venus Retrograde for much of May and June. For those of you nostalgic for your Love Zombie highs, it includes Venus square Neptune for three weeks. And Mutable Sign Retrogrades have a zanier edge to them than the others. But even with all that, it was …

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