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The Quantum Solstice

Solstices, Winter or Summer, are always spooked up. I’ve said this before but as a reminder, they’re cosmobiologically intense. Even though 21st Century people are not as attuned to seasons, it’s impossible to not feel something at the Solstice. Gravity and the Schumann Resonance frequency are more intense. It sets off all manner of mammalian hormone circuitry and conflicting commands: Breed, no – Eat, Hibernate, Take your Turf back, Wait …

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Mercury AND Venus Retrograde

Mercury AND Venus Retrograde at the same time? If it were a television series, you’d be telling the writers to lay off the hooch. We already have a core narrative  – dystopian meltdown, turbulent social transformation – does it really require an absurd subplot? Well, yes actually. Bring it on.  A magical realism influenced rom-com/ghost story/makeover is very now. The crisis has already inspired many people to radically shift their …

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Twelfth House Preview

The next post in my Houses & people series is going to be the 12th House! For an early concept of the genre, look no further than Terence McKenna. “We have to create culture, don’t watch TV, don’t read magazines, don’t even listen to NPR. Create your own roadshow. The nexus of space and time where you are now is the most immediate sector of your universe, and if you’re …

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American Pluto – Dark, Ancient And Deep

I like to think the site is a haven from the stresses of politics but the current situation is serious enough to make my thoughts public. I have never had and probably will never have a dangerous encounter with a police officer. I am so sorry to anyone who does not feel safe to call the cops when they are in danger. Or who knows that any encounter with the …

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Cyber Chiron

Are you looking for a non-Gerbera take on an upcoming Chiron Return? Or wondering why interpretations of your anything conjunct Chiron talk about “wounding” and read like an Eighties encounter group?  Don’t freak but I’m coming up with a new definition of Chiron*. I never liked the ‘wounded healer‘ archetype or even the centaur association. In January 2019, I called Chiron the Cosmic Detective but they’re more like a cyberpunk …

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Extra-Galactic Rays Coming From A Black Hole In Aquarius

I Interested in the Solar Minimum and Astrology? You are in the right place because I’m obsessed. I’ve stayed up late researching and live-chatting with space meteorologists. You wouldn’t know it by the current social structure but Astronomy came out of Astrology. Someone had to track all the stars and planets while ancient astrologers wafted around writing sonnets to Sirius and trying to talk down antsy Emperors. So it’s been …

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