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Another Vintage Sexist Astrology Competition

Right, here we go again. Three hours off Mercury going Direct and here is another Vintage Sexist Astrology Competition.  Tell a funny story (in the one site comments, please) about this image to win one of the prizes below. Or just provide your own incisive “Revolutionary Road” style commentary…this is wide-open and will be judged on Friday! The prizes are: A Wealth Wallet – practical, snazzy, well-designed and magicked up …

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Hubris Versus Nemesis

This extract from Signals – by Pippa Malmgren – makes me think of Jupiter and Saturn aspects. It is very much that interplay. “…the economy begins inside the human soul, driven by the never-ending battle between the Greek goddesses Hubris and Nemesis for possession of our psyche. The ancient Greeks described Hubris as the spirit who lights the fire or desire or greed and compels us to take risks to …

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When Mars Is In Leo

Mars in Leo likes visibility. It’s here every two years for approximately six weeks. When Mars is in Leo, you spend the whole time in comeback mode, regardless of your personal Mars sign. It’s a Mars phase for Attitude. Try your muted modesty on when Mars is in another sign. Memo From Mars in Leo Defy sub-optimal circumstance. Be non-receptive to negative transmissions. Trophies matter but your opinion of your …

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The Ultimate Mercury Retrograde Trip

The ultimate Mercury Retrograde trip? It is when this funky phase throws a surprising nostalgia hit at you, and it evokes stunning perspective. Mercury is, as you know, Retrograde and this can manifest as apparitions from your near or far past.  So my multi-Sagittarius Developer Tarik just blew my mind. In the middle of a Void Moon In Taurus and apropos of nothing he showed my snapshots of my site …

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The Leo Cow Whisperer

This all came about via a Chiron Sun transit. Allow me to introduce my new rescue cow Fehu (an actual Taurus) with his minder Hedley, a Leo Jiu-Jitsu practicing, tech whiz animal advocate. Why, you may ask, does my cow need a minder?  Or how come i even have a cow, living as i do in the inner city?  Fehu – the name is from the Norse rune – is …

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Saturn Trine Uranus Is An Authenticity Audit

Saturn Trine Uranus, just before the Time God heads into Capricorn is going to be a brilliant chance to assess your Authenticity levels. This year’s Xmas Gift is going to be Saturn into his home constellation of Capricorn!  Not to freak you out but there are only 22 more weeks of Saturn in Sagittarius! So the Time God has been in Sagittarius – the sign of the Quest, realm of …

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