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Happy 2018 – Saturn In Capricorn – Me Back Again

Happy Saturn into Capricorn! So i am back after what was genuinely my most reinvigorating and restorative pleasurable holiday ever. I got away from the screen, hiked and hung out with horses and kangaroos. And, I sunbathed, read and reconnected with family + old friends. I got Watsu, which is incredible. As a Mars in Virgo person, I have typically been appalling at taking holidays or even solid days off. …

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The Christmas Club Is Open!

Welcome to the Mega Mystic Members Christmas Club – your zone for hanging-out and discussion over the Saturnalia break. Obviously you can talk amongst yourselves about whatever you like but here are some topics that you may like to riff off: The whole last week of 2017 is Jupiter in Scorpio square the North Node in Leo – this is like a gigantic Scorpion push toward visionary North Node in …

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Saturn Rules For An Optimized Life

Saturn rules Capricorn and – to a lesser extent – Aquarius, as well as the 10th House. But ultimately, Saturn inspires self-rule. Welcome to New Saturn City! How are you finding Karma Cop Saturn in his home sign? Saturn has been in Capricorn for less than 24 hours and is already tangible. Remember; Saturn in Capricorn is strong. It radiates conviction and self-determination. Structural instability in any dimension is obvious. …

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Venus and Jupiter

The Logic Of Venus and Jupiter

Imminent: Venus conjunct Jupiter. Venus and Jupiter are potent together at any time. But when they meet in Scorpio, it is indigo, magical alignment. See your Horoscopes and the Daily Mystic for more on this potent duo. But think a la Jupiter wanting to magnify everything, to go bigger and Venus open to the concept. And it is taking place in the deep temple pool Water sign of Scorpio. It is …

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An Example Of Lucky Jupiter Vibe

This is a really beautiful example of lucky Jupiter vibe. Remember the Sun was aligned with Jupiter (lucky, expansive, etc) and in sync to Shamanic Neptune? Well, this happened. As my Triple Taurus Ex-Editor Horse Lady – the one who bought us the Mega Mystic rescued racehorse Pluto – tells it: We had an extraordinary event happen at SAHA last week.  A mare that was rescued from the knackery, who …

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Weird Week At Work?

Weird week at work? Saturn square Chiron has been quite the challenger. Loads of triggers, Qi Vamp colleagues, deranged bosses, boards, clients and/or compliance officials, major hours, Pluto in Capricorn dirging away exposing faulty settings on economies & dodgy politicians in the background AND heightened awareness of ones most personal psychological quirks amid all that. But Saturn is now moving away from this alignment and into a friendly, futuristic high-vibe …

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