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The Neptune Direct Peacock

Hi Mystic, Just a quick story that I had to share… The horoscopes for us Pisces + Pisces Risings the last weekend of November said to keep an eye out for ‘symbols and omens’ with Neptune turning direct that weekend. On my way to work, I saw a bunch of cars pulled over and people standing around, two of them holding a blanket. My heart froze as I assumed it …

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Do You Have Phantom Deficit Syndrome?

Cognitive Dissonance is an unavoidable side-effect of Outer Planets changing sign. Take now, for example. It’s the biggest epochal shift since 2008/2009 (Pluto into Capricorn) and 2011/2012 (Uranus into Aries and Neptune into Pisces).  It is becoming apparent to even the most cantankerous Muggle that certain elements of the old paradigm are not coming back. The new era of Uranus in Taurus will properly foundation over 2019, from now. We’re …

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Updates From The Frontline Of Mercury Retrograde

Two hours after Mercury went Retrograde yesterday, I watched aghast as emails spontaneously purged themselves from their folders on the email client and webmail. As they included a bunch of emails with passwords and admin info, it felt very Mercury in Sagittarius: clean-slated by the universe, wind in the hair, what is ‘identity’ anyway? But still, it’s infuriating for a Mars in Virgo person. Upside: I am getting multi-Aquarius in …

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Nine Rules For Thriving Through Pluto Transits

Pluto Transits are real – sometimes too real. Your soul gets woke but you don’t have the leisure to contemplate this development. How come? Because one way or another, you’re locked into an evolutionary, existential Nietzschean power struggle scenario. Turns out self-actualizing doesn’t involve you in the lotus position with a gerbera in your teeth being mindful. It’s more likely to involve lawyers, bloodwork, insomnia, and a well-salted threshold. Still, …

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After The Full Moon – A “Choose Your Planetary Option” Adventure

The Full Moon in Taurus squares everything (or so it felt) is over. It was fun, it was real but I am glad. (Concept: an astrological children’s book.) So apres that Full Moon and the X-Roads energy of the Sun/Retro-Venus opposite the Moon/Uranus square the Nodes of the Moon, we may as well hunker down and choose a stance for the rest of the Venus Retrograde. I have identified five …

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The Uranian Chronicles

Twitchy? I was going to call this post “mainlining Uranus,” but it sounded a bit off. So yes there is a Full Moon coming, and Venus is Retrograde, but this energy is pure, undiluted Uranus. If you are at all Uranian or sensitive to Uranian energies, it is like being a Toon.  You’re zipping around, downloading genius concepts straight from Source Vibe but it’s clumsy and erratic. It’s smashed glasses, …

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