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The Mars In Virgo 2019 Mothership

If you’re reading your Horoscopes, you’ll know that Mars in Virgo 2019 (until early October) is a huge deal. While the Action Planet visits Virgo every two years, it’s rarely pumped up by so much Earth element, let alone power players Saturn and Pluto. Everyone feels the buzz of it. Potential expressions include productivity gains, hyper-analytical genius, conscious eating, diagnostic accuracy, compulsive cleaning, and details frenzy. It’s epic for writing …

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Saturn, Time And Karma

Saturn, Time, and Karma are all linked. The catch is that nobody knows how exactly. Saturn has traditionally been the so-called Lord of Karma and the Time God. He is also known as Chronos, lending his name to concepts like “chronological” and “crone.” Having him parked on the South Node since late April has really bought out the “karmic” elements of this ancient deity. I say it in quote marks …

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Amazonian Deforestation

The Amazonian Fires Astrology

Want to know about the Amazonian Fires Astrology? Fine. Yes, I know about the fires. There have been two distinct types of communication to me (mostly via social media) about it. (1) “Can you tell me about the astrology of it?” (2) “Why haven’t you said/posted anything about it – people like you are part of the problem.” Actually, no. I think snarking at people for not being swift enough …

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Saturn And The Moon’s Nodes Notes

Ready for some spooky Saturn square insights? I mentioned the passing of Toni Morrison on social media the other night, along with my favorite quote of hers.  But I just found another, and it spookily reminded me of the ongoing Saturn South Node alignment this year. Could she, I wondered, have had natal Saturn conjunct the South Node? No, but she had the Time God in square aspect to her …

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Mercury Retrograde Shadow Realizations

Mercury Retrograde Shadow Realizations are happening right now. It’s the best bit of any Mercury Retro. The Trickster turns Full Magician, decrypting puzzling emotions, and inspiring high-level bibliomancy. Classic bibliomancy is when you open a book and choose a paragraph at random; it’s like an Oracle. But with this mercurial magic at work, you don’t even need to do that. The insight or pertinent quote you need comes to you. …

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