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The 2020 Venus and Mars Retrogrades

Guess which planets in retrograde are the theme of 2020? Not Mercury, that’s part of our astral rhythm. And the Outer Planets spend a significant amount of time retrograde every year. Next year features Venus and Mars Retrograde.  That’s good for weird but enticing relationships and encrypted attractions. And it’s going to be a far stronger year for love – in general – than 2019.  Why? Because we’ve been under …

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Seething Is A Part Of The Process

Happy New Moon and stand by for Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio. If you spent a good part of your Dark Moon – aka the weekend – in a funk, fantastic. Seething is part of the process. It’s like some dark alchemy of the soul where your brain becomes a crucible for resentments and shadow emotions. Dark Moons are always suitable for surfacing such feelings, and the lunar prelude to a …

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Maverick Mercury In Scorpio Self-Mastery

Is Mercury in Scorpio until December 9 (yes, you read that correctly) the final irony of this Saturnine-Plutonic fuqery? Or a relatively rare astrological phenomenon that we can tune into for maverick self-mastery? It’s both. It means that whatever message Saturn and Pluto are transmitting, you’re now picking it up on all frequencies. So even if you only dabble in denial occasionally, maybe on the weekend or when everyone else …

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New Thoughts On Saturn-Pluto Inc

I have some new thoughts on Saturn-Pluto Inc. None of them contradict the core Saturn Pluto 2020 Mp3 rant but they’re new so here they are. As you may know, it’s big-deal astro and the first conjunction between these two power-players since 1982. It’s heavy and I meant it when I said that, energetically, it’s like Darth Vader on ketamine. But I think I have found a way around it. …

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