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The Seventies Vampirella Zodiac

Seventies Astrology Art like this launched the “You must be a Scorpio?” trend. It took Astrology from the Hippy Shop’s fusty confines into the swingers circuit and suburban cheese fondu belt. Speculating on Geminis ‘going both ways‘ was acceptable repartee, and someone made a fortune selling Zodiac Sex Positions Iron-On patches. The images shown here are by the second-top Vampirella artist – Esteban Maroto, a Spanish Piscean. I can only put …

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Mars In Aries Direct = You Ahead

Mars Direct means you’re ahead already. Maybe not literally – yet – but you’re clear on terrain, routes, and tactics.  Mars turns Retrograde every two years but the 2020 version is amplified because Mars in his home sign of Aries is extremely potent. And, while most Mars Retrogrades involve the action planet backing into the previous sign, this is a long-haul Mars in Aries trip. There is no let-up and …

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The Real Southern Hemisphere Astrology

If you were born in the Southern Hemisphere, your birth chart is not completely accurate. And no, not because of any 13th sign or peripheral factor. It’s an inbuilt bias that applies Northern hemisphere settings to every chart. There are practical, political, and magical dimensions to this situation.  Astrology as we know it is seen through Northern Hemisphere optics because “that’s where it started.” When I was learning astrology, any …

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Announcing My New Takes On 21st Astrology – Part One

How’s this for a whoosh of early Mercury-Uranus opposition intel? I’ve radically revised my take on some major tenets of astrology. These ideas have been kicking around for a while but Mars in my 3rd house for six months has inspired some obsessive research and thinking.* If you’re short on time or don’t feel like details, here is the ultra-condensed version: (1) The Moon’s Nodes don’t mean past lives/future lives …

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Retrograde Mars Mission Central Command

We are nearly halfway through an unprecedented* era of juiced-up Mars Vibe. The downsides are obvious: trade, climate, and viral wars, along with a whole lot of agitated or ineffective people who need to be managed, helped, or avoided. But what are the upsides? More autonomy, better management – of yourself/your business -and audacity. Heightened self-assurance benefits relationships: less whimsical wish-fantasizing and more concise, direct dialogue. Cultural and economic meta-trends …

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A Saturn Return Success Story

Saturn Return success stories are always preceded by a prolonged phase of obsessive work, self-doubt, rejection, and fluctuating finances. You could vary the ratios and throw in a toothache or sore neck but that’s the sum of it. But with persistence, the results can be unbelievable. Oxygene, Jean-Michel Jarre’s super-influential electronic album, emerged from his Saturn Return in 1976. He made it in a makeshift kitchen studio, with salvaged second-hand …

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