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Mars Retrograde Questions Answered

Mars Retrograde Questions Answered

  Mars Retrograde Questions Answered. The Warrior Planet turns Retrograde every two years, bringing both threats and opportunity. Learn more! Legal Action That Has To Happen With Mars Retrograde Dear Mystic, So, I am wondering, when/if there is a date to go for legal action this year? Background info: I worked on deferred payment for an independent documentary production.   With all Virgoan humility, I can say that I did …

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plant art showing roots below the surface as well as above ground

Big Commitments As Uranus Changes Sign?

Is it a good idea to make big commitments as Uranus changes sign? There are actually ‘rules’ for this and other astrological phenomena. Hi Mystic, Thanks for all your work on this Transition Zone! I was curious about whether there’s conventional wisdom out there about making commitments at the time Uranus Changes Sign. As an Aries Sun with Aquarius Moon, I am feeling it. Bring on ALL the change & …

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Ask Mystic: Spurned Lunar Babe Hating The Transition Zone

How To Get Over A Break-Up Using Astrology Hi Mystic,  Break-Ups are super hard. I HATE THIS TRANSIT.  I am pretty sure you receive dozens of emails asking for help, especially with the Transition Zone in action, but I must ask you for help. It would be great if you could answer this on the blog, as your work has been such solace to me in these incredibly trying times. The …

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Feng Shui Your Wallet

Good news for those of you wanting to Feng Shui Your Wallet!  The (Vegan) Wealth Wallets are back in stock. If you pre-ordered, it is being shipped today. If you want one, I am adding in a complimentary Mercurial Key Ring. I won’t be doing any more of either after current stock runs out. Despite loving the key ring + wallet and believing in the power of Magical Talismans, having …

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Venus conjunct Mars synastry

Why Do I Fixate On Venus-Mars Men?

  Venus conjunct Mars synastry can be addictive, as this Mega Mystic member’s dilemma illustrates. Dear Mystic, Do you ever notice yourself caught in attracting the same astro signatures in your love interests and/or relationships? For instance, I have a penchant for being attracted to Mars-Venus men.  My first boyfriend had Mars in Libra, not quite Mars-Venus in aspect but after all, Venus rules Libra. His Mars was conjunct my …

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Do Saturn Transits Mean You Lose Money?

Saturn Transits and Money issues seem to go together. But they’re also the astral passages most connected with wealth consciousness. Hi Mystic, Do Saturn Transits mean you lose money? Or your credit rating? Saturn through Libra, Scorpio, and Sag touched ALL of my natal planets. Yeah.  That was interesting. And during that time, there was a litany of changes to my mindset, expectations, career, and income. Now on the other …

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