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Did A Saturn Conjunct Sun Transit Turn My Friends Toxic?

Mystic advises a woman wondering if her Saturn conjunct Sun transit is to blame for her friends turning toxic all of a sudden. Or, is it just the optics? Dear Mystic, I have been congratulating myself on how well this Saturn transit is going. It is on my Sun until August or something. I got a raise and became more fit! Then I paid off and cut up a store …

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Is My Womanizing Ex Really A Capricorn?

Mystic answers a Cancer woman whose womanizing ex-partner displays none of the classic Capricorn characteristics. Did he even lie about his birthday? Dear Mystic, i am a Cancerian chick with Aquarius Rising and a womanizing Capricorn ex. By “womanizing,” I mean “town bike.” There are few people I know who have not slept with him. And no I can’t move as we share our child together.  My question is this …

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What Is The Antidote To Lower Neptune?

Dear Mystic, I’m Pisces sun and Kataka Rising. I am totally relating to your take in the horoscopes on Kataka career awesome. I am expanding rapidly and managing to rise to my mental ‘ideal’ image of myself. It’s great. What I want to ask you to explain is how to overcome the Piscean tendency to self medicate in times of stress. I’m super sensed to coffee at the mo, reaching …

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Antonio Lopez Eighties style picture of a long hair man being sought after by two different people

Are Cancer Men Players?

Are Cancer men players? Someone sent me that one sentence question, with no supporting details. However, anecdotally it would seem yes, It’s entirely possible that the females are also, but nobody asks about them in this regard. I don’t think Cancer men glide around the place being purposefully hurtful, but they’re empathetic powers (and ego) make it hard for them to say no. In their mind, they’re being nurturing. Some …

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Is No Earth In My Birth Chart A Problem?

Hi Mystic, I sometimes feel like I am too watery for this world. I am a Sun and Rising Cancer with a Scorpio moon ugggh oh and have a Pisces mid heaven. With not a drop of earth in my birth chart I sometimes feel like a fish, err/ mermaid out of water. Besides the obvious sensitivity issues (I’ve been told i’m way too sensitive many times, by my Capricorn …

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