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When Your Progressed Ascendant Is Gemini

Mystic answers someone asking if their Progressed Ascendant in Gemini has occurred yet. There are different ways to measure it but in this case, yes it has. The Progressed Ascendant is about as rare as Saturn Return and is often momentous. You rapidly evolve your whole stance to the world, image, and persona. But depending on the form of progression technique you use, there are different dates that it can …

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Is My Taurus Dad A Shaman?

Mystic answers a Mystical Virgo who is wondering whether her seemingly down-to-earth Taurus Dad is a Witch! Or, a Shaman? Dear Mystic, My Dad is a Taurus. He was born 27/04/1935. He is a very practical no-nonsense sort of man; stubborn, a staunch atheist and a teetotaller. He likes food, Johnny Cash music, and woodwork. In classic Taurus style, he is a bit of a hoarder. He is a schoolteacher …

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Can The Love Zombie Virus Lie Dormant?

Dear Mystic, I have fought valiantly these past years to overcome my personal demons (drinking too much, hating my exes guts, other stuff) act my age in relationships and set a good role model for my rapidly approaching adulthood daughters. Good news – i have been victorious. No dysfunction. Lots of, as it says in the scopes, “self-dev” and well, all i do is Saturn transits. This after a long …

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Should I Attend A Complicated Black Tie Event On The Dark Moon?

Dear Mystic, What is one to do when there is a Dark Moon on the weekend, yet Saturday night is a big black tie event, with uber frocks and new shoes and lots of people making a big fuss plus complication of “Old Love Angst” at one’s table? Options: pull a sickie? Sit on the sidelines sipping water infused with homeopathic drops feeling sad and sidelined? (Ok I know: not …

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Recommended Reading For Saturn Direct?

Hey gurl and super hawt Leo intern, Occasionally on your site you do book recs, which I ALWAYS buy for myself or the library where I work.  I’ve had some interesting experiences out of nowhere (Or were they?  I mean, they happened exactly as Saturn was going direct this week.) with shamanism and was wondering if you could recommend some books on the subj.  And yes, I know- all we …

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Why Am I Doing My Ascendant Not My Sun Sign?

Hey Mystic I have this astro question which has been bugging me for a while now and i’ve just gotta ask you because…….it’s REALLY BUGGING me. I have heard somewhere around the astro traps that when you are younger you tend to project your ascendent, but as you get older you kinda do the switch and project your sun sign. Well WTF – I’m Leo Sun with Aquarius rising, and …

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