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Is Uranus Conjunct Eris Awakening Generation X?

Could Uranus conjunct Eris be the awakening of a new Generation X sensibility? Mystic responds to a Pluto in Virgo person who certainly hopes that it is. Hi Mystic, I have been eyeing the upcoming (really, already in orb) conjunction of Eris and Uranus and prognosticating on all that will likely entail and decided to have a look at my chart because I’m really feeling this one.  I found something …

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How Can I Get A Sagittarius Man Back?

How can I get this Sagittarius man back? Mystic advises a woman whose real question should be along the lines of how she can get herself back. Dear Mystic, Further to your blog about the crazy eclipse edge around at the moment, I thought I’d share this with you. I went out last night on my first date to meet a Sagittarius I’d stumbled upon online just before the previous …

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Uranus Opposite Pluto, Age Or Witchcraft?

Mystic advises a Sagittarius who says she’s cynical and no longer putting up with crap. I’m cackling alone in my bed at night. Is it my Uranus opposite Pluto transit, age or am I turning into a witch? Dear Mystic, I am a Sagittarius, loyal subscriber and previously more interesting person. I once featured here with a dilemma involving a swinger boyfriend and voodoo. Now? I am worried. Saturn in …

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Ask Mystic: Doing Jupiter

If you have ever wondered about Jupiter transits and career, this exchange between me and Conflicted Gemini may illuminate your dilemma. Hey babe, My horoscopes are all about the Jupiter at the moment.  The Guru God expanding my career and everything. I got what you said about sometimes Jupiter transits make you restless at first, when you realize the restrictions and want to stampede the fuq out of dodge. I …

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Is There A Good Astrological Time For Dental Work?

Is there a good astrological time for getting major dentistry? Yes! Astrology and Dental Work is under the domain of Saturn. Here’s how to schedule it. Dear Mystic, You are fab in so many ways! I’m a happy subscriber and student and customer. So thank you. The frequency with which you mention dental care has made me think about my own teeth more. After years of putting the thing off, …

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Does A Near Death Experience Warrant A New Birth Chart?

You would not think to connect a Near Death Experience And Astrology but when this Scorpio came back from the dead, did he get a rebirth chart? Dear Mystic, On Oct 2, 2015, having been through 3 months of cleansing myself of everything that fucken Saturn had thrown at me for 29 fucking years, I died. After a massive heart attack, I was dead for 20 minutes. I had tubes in every …

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