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Ask Mystic: My Libra Brother Is Dating A Qi Vampire

Dear Mystic, I could use some astro advice, if you have any time to spare (ha). Really long story short- my Libra brother is dating a Qi Vamp. A professional Qi Vamp. She is a miserable human. I could write a novel on her crappiness, but I’ll boil it down to: She constantly picks pointless fights with my brother for personal power plays, covers her mouth every time she chews …

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What To Do With Transit North Node Conjunct The South Node?

How to handle Transit North Node conjunct the South Node? Once every nine and a half years, it compels you to consider the path not trodden. Dear Mystic,  I’m presently experiencing an opposition of the transiting Nodal Axis to my natal one, placing the transiting North Node upon my natal South Node at 14 Virgo and in turn the transiting South Node on my natal North Node in the 9th …

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Traveling The Via Combusta

Dear Mystic Medusa I am so grateful that I found you – only recently; you rock astrology these rocky days! I came across this in an encyclopedia of astrology under “V”: “Via Combusta (or “the Burning Way”) Ancient astrologers considered that if the Moon was set at birth against a cluster of fixed stars in the early degrees of Scorpio, it was afflicted.  In modern astrology, the via combusta is …

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Do Virgos Hate Pisceans Right Now?

The Pisces Virgo Relationship is a magnetic phenomenon; they’re drawn, then they’re repulsed. The tension between them hums along like Quantum Physics. When the Nodes are in Virgo-Pisces, that dynamic is amplified. Dear Mystic, I’m wondering if Virgos have been having issues with Pisceans since the south node went into Pisces and Neptune has been there a while. Does the mysterious Neptune (no structure! *such* a headache) and slightly odd, …

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Should I Freak About Pluto In Aquarius?

What does Pluto in Aquarius for Aquarius Rising entail? Mystic advises an Aquarius Rising person who is worried about it already! Dear Mystic, This Aqua rising is becoming increasingly aware of a moment of either impending doom or some superheroine type glory.  Pluto’s transit across my ascendant (after it’s done cooking up quite the psychic storm in my 12th house) will be my most important astrology event ever, is that …

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Ask Mystic: A Vital Hair Question

Hey Mystic, I’m a new subscriber and love your scopes but I have a beauty related question for you. I’m a Pisces (Leo Ascendant) and true to form I was thinking about a new look for my hair. Am a natural brunette (more mousy brown than luscious – not fuqing cool), went blonde a while ago but its been growing out and looking brassy and bleh. I’ve been going through …

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