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Ask Mystic: How Do I Vanquish A Neptunian Love Zombie?

Dear Mystic, I was once friends with a Neptunian. I fell in love with him, fittingly, on a night out on the space dust and blue devil hoochie juice. He had a girlfriend at the time, and so, I loved him from afar for years. When I married Blackbeard on another space dust influenced whim, he stopped speaking to me. After that fell apart we saw each other again and …

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Do You Have Dating Phobia Symptoms?

Do you have Dating Phobia Symptoms? Dear Mystic, Thank you a thousand times over for the magnificent Horoscopes, Tarot and Oracle. I am too Aquarian to use the Moon Calendar (time is tyranny and all that) but I love everything else. But I am wondering if there is such a thing as Dating Phobia? And if so, what are the symptoms?  How can you distinguish them from being healthily discerning? …

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Venus in Pisces

Ask Mystic: Is Venus In Pisces My Downfall?

Hello Mystic! I trust you are having a wonderful weekend. I am seeking your opinion from an astro point of view regarding my Venus sign. My strong  Fire Vibe serves me well in career and academic pursuits, so no real complaints there. However, my Venus sitting in Pisces has been a sore point. All ex-partners have been Water signs. The men I seem to attract have had issues with alcohol, …

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woman with yellow stockings, gloves and boots in Eighties style office.

Can Saturn Transits Revert Back To “Normal”?

Want Saturn transits advice? You’re in the right place. To the inexpressibly intelligent and insightful Mystic, I’m a Sun-Sag who (as I’ve groused about in the comments a few times) has had a hell of a time with Saturn paying me a visit for the last couple of years. In short order, I was offered what looked like my dream job – which I moved halfway across the country to …

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Should Taurus People Stay Off Social Media?

The archetypal Taurus personality traits are not compatible with social media, as this advice-seeker has discovered. Should Taurus stay off social media? Get my answers and the always pertinent thoughts of the commenters. Dearest loveliest Mystic, Have you ever considered how social media is both a blessing and a curse for us Taureans? We get to socialize from a distance and still enjoy our luxuries while we slog on the …

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Is Saturn In Leo Bad Hair Karma?

Is Saturn in Leo Bad Hair Karma? Mystic advises someone who fears that it dooms her to dysfunctional hair and poor relationships with hairdressers. Dear Mystic. It occurred to me that being the Venusian type and/or with a fairly Venusian subscriber squad, you might be able to offer some sage advice. Does natal Saturn in Leo mean I will forever not be able to form a good relationship with hairdressers? …

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