Astro Gaga is a collection of surreal, absurd and funny takes on Astrology, the New Age movement, and 21st Century Living. Read about the Space Dust Shamans, Neptunian Life Coaching, Supernatural Tinder and the adventures of Space Archeologist Vanadium Lightyear. Some of those posts are daffy suggestions for doing transits and unique takes on – say – the planetary styles of infidelity. Or Beauty Therapists of the Galaxy. Others explore an alternative dimension where disincarnate Real Housewives of Hades haunt the subways and pentacles are a cryptocurrency.

Downtown Marsopolis

Welcome to Downtown Marsopolis. There’s no welcome committee because that would be inane. It’s not that sort of a neighborhood. But if you can handle yourself – that is,  don’t try to fluster people’s focus with fluffy opinions – they’ll reward you with a conspiratorial wink at some point.  Some people moved here ages ago, natal Mars squares are an automatic in. You need it. Real estate agents in Downtown …

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Which Mars In Aries Experience Are You?

Which Mars in Aries experience* are you? Is it like lockdown resolutions where you start out planning to make your own spirulina and pasta but end up with garish and vaguely insulting “same again?” suggestions from the food delivery algorithm?  Or in the Mars equivalent, you set up your mission H.Q. and scale every goal to be suitably extreme. This Mars trip has a soundtrack, a primal thudding doof of …

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The Gateway to the Gateway

I’m feeling like 2020 may as well just go for full weird, get us all in the mood for Pluto in Aquarius.  The C.I.A. declassified Astral Travel docs make fabulous reading. I liked the part about how the brain does not have “an imagination” – the imagination has created the mind; something like that. But my fave section is where they are looking for the “gateway to the Gateway.” YES! …

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A Classic Sun Conjunct Uranus News Story

The Pentagon declassified Navy UFO video story was so apt for Sun conjunct Uranus. I loved it, right down to Caligula saying he didn’t believe in aliens or the Navy, whatever. I inadvertently set the video above to Monobeat’s In the Arms Of Eternity – fantastic. But really, who is surprised? I have had two major U.F.O. sightings, the first when I was in primary school. It’s not so much …

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Lockdown Craziness Through The Zodiac

So who has Lockdown Craziness already? Raise your hand if yes. Everyone is on duty pandemic fighting, rebelling against ‘all the panic’ by ignoring the rules or socially distancing/in lockdown. So Mars in Virgo here, I started socially isolating in high school, as a precaution. Seriously, more like from late Feb. And now it’s on. I get the logic of the thing but how crazy-making is it? You start with …

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Tackiness As A Life Force Tonic

Flippancy Alert: This post contains superficial comments intended for short-term levity. Some people may find them frivolous. Nothing of this magnitude has ever hit a world so saturated in media before. And while we are integrating the still escalating situation, there is something bizarrely reassuring about the inexhaustible media montage of the Tabloid Geishas. Big vibing garish people, (not mentioning any particular zodiac signs here, of course) often have fantastic …

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