Before The Game Of Life

Long before the Game of Life – one of the perennial best-selling board games – there was the Game of the Universe*.  AKA Game of the Sphere, it was created in 1661 and apparently played by a relatively small group of astro-enthusiasts. The idea was that it would teach you skylore, cosmic secrets, galactic-level success secrets and people even bet on it.

If your dice roll meant you landed on Saturn, you were sent straight back to the start and/or you had to forfeit some money. It was not as staunchly moral as the super-ancient Snakes & Ladders and while many of the rules have been lost in time, there was clearly more wriggle room.

It was part of a broader genre called Game of the Goose which itself is linked to the mysterious Phaistos Disc. Also connected: Ancient Egyptian board games that resembled Chess but where the pieces moved in similar motions to the Sun, Moon and planets. Eg: the Moon was the fastest moving piece.

The Goose itself features in many of the most primordial myths. Just as old magical secrets were encoded into playing cards and the Tarot, could they also have been concealed in board games?

*The site is quite old-school in design and you may need to use Google Translate but the quirky esoteric info is worth the extra effort.

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Such an intriguing post! The breadth of your knowledge often astounds me, Mystic. I would love to be enlightened on the old magical secrets encoded into playing cards and the tarot.


Wishing you all ‘good effects’ then via many cyber hugs, joy & abundance.

Wish Upon a Star

You too Pegasus.



Thank you! wishing you peace & luv entwined in fun vibrations, Centauresse-la-Magnifique.

Wish Upon a Star





Soothing Saturnalia to you, Pegasus, with a big side order of warm hugs and thankful blessings xxx

Your words here have kept me safe and lighter 🤗


Cool on the list to find and play


Please reissue this


Oh that’s so much better than monopoly this Christmas

Wish Upon a Star

Happy Christmas and New Year Bella!



How fantastic is Game of the Universe?! It should be implemented as an actual learning tool in schools for astrology & mythology.

(Space 11, Saturn: experience the malignity and bad influence of this planet by paying the stake and returning to the start) …. don’t i know it!


I can’t imagine why someone hasn’t printed and sold these….yet


you can buy various versions of the goose game in a few places, e.g. master of games dot com


A Mystic devotee is likely scribbling and playing with colour plans to create one as we speak! Love the many artists on here 😁 Witches learning and connecting through La Meduse 🌟

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

ooh so intrigued!


I LOVE your posts. This is fascinating.

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