This Is The Solstice

Solstice spells are easy when you remember that the time of year does most of the magic for you. And then you are the spell.


“This is the Solstice, the still point of the sun, its cusp and midnight, the years threshold and unlocking, where the past let’s go and becomes the future, the place of caught breath.”

Margaret Atwood

There is a reason people used to do their most elaborate rituals and spells on the Solstice. The longest days and nights of the year affect us at a cosmobiological level, tapping us into Schumann Resonance and Old Magic. The Solstice – Summer and Winter -times have a different magnetic resonance.

Even if you’re not gliding around the streets taking care of business with any magical intent, you feel the frequency shift. Astrologically, they’re the zero points of Cancer and Capricorn, the Moon and Saturn, Ancestral Memory and Time.

Or, in Tarot, the Chariot and the Devil. But the Devil of the Christian imagination is more of a mash-up involving Dionysus, Pan, and their fears of the old Gods. Optimally, find where Zero Cancer or Capricorn (depending on which Solstice it is) in your chart and focus on that for realization.

Thoughts on solstice spells, magic or Schumann Resonance?

Image: Leonora Carrington – The Empress

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interesting, motivated to do a heap of cleaning, instinctively


So I have just conducted what I’m calling a ‘bed exorcism’ lol – my bed is very new and expensive and I’m not ditching it along with the Triple Toro, so I thought I would do the next best thing. Cleaned the room, candle burning, windows open, sprinkled salt on the mattress, hoovered it all up while focusing on intention, sprayed lavender water everywhere, turned the mattress and decked it out with the new luxe under-blanket, quilt and fresh linen. The space looks and feels amazing.

Calli G

I got a great “go for it” message from the 12 card tarot, so I put the solstice umph behind sending out a job application to a more desireable area. Here’s hoping!

dark star

I had the zaniest #marsinaqua day yesterday. Met a former flings mother for dinner and she read my natal and transit tarots (it’s like numerology tarot blended). I’m the magician/wheel of fortune and my transit is the hanged man and empress. She mentioned it’s a good year for me to get pregnant?? Then afterwards went and danced at pride event and had silly fun. Lol happy solstice


Yeeeeesssssss – “…where the past lets go and becomes the future…”! I’m hardcore Node tripping right now. High as fuq on destiny and there’s no artificial substitute for it – it’s like I’ve spontaneously levitated into some kind of wondrous wormhole that instantly teleported me to a place where the normal rules of how my life tends to go simply don’t apply anymore. Like, time/space infinite compression kinda stuff; past/current/future lives all smashed into the reality of one moment. Big Bang. It’s crazy, miraculous, a tad overwhelming, and …..fuqing awesome. Something has recently been made very obvious to me: When… Read more »




To all the witches on this blog, and especially Grand High Mystic herself: You have brought me a sense of tribe, when i had tribes and when i had none; you have made me think, laugh and gather my own witchy self around me better; you have linked me in to interesting divergences that are always serendipitous; you have shared so much of yourselves, and sometimes directly with me. Wishing you all a Solstice Celebration that includes a good harvest grieving and a fluttering of the new pulse. May you all be and feel loved, held and energised. With deepest… Read more »

Calli G

May you have a joyous Solstice, too!


Beautiful, thank you for being here too Mille xx
Happy Solstice!


Sentiments are mutual. Goddess bless & enjoy deep, long breaths of the fresh breeze. xx


<3 Same to you, mille! <3 🙂 I, too, am grateful to be a part of this forum.

dark star

<3 <3


Aww Mille this is a lovely generous sentiment – back at you, witchy one xxx


Also, love MA. But shouldn’t it be ‘where the past lets go’ (no apostrophe) — signed the punctuation/spelling pedant


Muddies the message when you’re word sensitive but also trusting and literal.


I had a late solstice ritual today… moved back into my house after 2 weeks getting the bathroom renovated and SPA bath installed!! currently waiting for caulking to cure… first ceremonial spa bath with candles, essential oils, epsom salts in the morning. V excited!


I’ve been living here without a bath for the past almost 10 years… the only thing lacking from my home is now installed


Spa bath ftw, Lady!!!!!!!!!

Send address! 😀

Calli G

Sounds delightful!

dark star

Happy solstice y’all! Atwood knows.


Margaret Atwood is SO tapped in. Love this, love her, love you guys. Happy solstice. xxx


exquisite quote!


Happy Solstice everyone! ☀️


I felt the still point last night and then things moving forward today.. Happy Solstice and happy international yoga day! I participated all day in an online yoga conference. I’m feeling pretty good and centered!


Nice work flowerchild. Happy Solstice xx


Stunning! Can I leave this here? It feels right 😉
Thanks be to the Goddess – Happy Solstice one and all!

Goldy Hawnbag

Oh I love that!


I love this so much! Those deliciously plump, sensual goddesses! Thanks sphinx! xxx


Gonna watch it when I am not at the office. Thanks for posting it.

dark star



Happy Solstice!


Hahaha! fabulous! Made my morning.
Thankyou, Sphinx.

Thank you, Mystic! excellent quote.

Happy Solstice everyone! X

Anchors Away

Love this!!!! Thank you! X


Now THAT is a gift on top of my hard earned gifts received last 24 hrs…just when i thought i had more then plenty!

What a loving Leo witchy priestess thing to do! Loving thanks, Sphinxy xoxoxo


Thank you, Sphinx, and a very Happy Solstice to one and all. Praise the Godess. May we all worship at her alter 😀


sphinx, this is fantabulous! <3 <3 <3 thank you for sharing!


Awesome and fonky! love it, thanks Sphinx!

Calli G

That is fabulous!


Yes C***nt power – to celebrate the divine feminine!

Thank you – a great solstice gift :-))

Oh moon is 8 degrees scorpio conjunct my ceres/ juno
Square current mars/ nodes transit!


Happy you enjoyed it! It is by Nina Paley, a Taurus Monkey feminist 🙂


Hey Vesta is according to serrenu – with a bunch of asteroids (Cupido /siva & sphinx!) conjunct the galactic centre…26-28 degrees Sagittarius…





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