The Solstice Is Old Magic

Old Magic is different to New Magic. The Ancient Celts did not count the days – only the nights. Perhaps that reflected their belief in unseen energies; their worlds of fairies and elementals were not a side fancy.

Before Christianity, they knew that – to quote the Sun-Uranus in Gemini poet W. B. Yeats  “there is another world, but it is in this one.”

The Solstices and Equinoxes that always began with the Sun at Zero degrees of a Cardinal Sign were not celebrations. They were portals. And, if you can swing it, they probably still are. If you’ve been spinning around the place in the last 12 hours, wondering if you’re having a psychotic break/existential crisis or a magical initiation, it’s perfectly normal.  A la this old post, days like this can make you jittery. You can’t ritual or affirm it away: just leave room in your head for the insights.

Solstices – particularly the one at Zero degrees of Capricorn – are when the veils between worlds are thin and flimsy. If you get into a trance state, lucid dream or are even just strangely skittish, you make connections between divided parts of your soul and psyche that would impossible at any other time.

You know it’s Old Magic when you’re in awe and aware of the need to not share your realizations. New Magic is fabulous and draws brilliantly off contemporary psychology and self-development, often blending that with esoteric knowledge as expounded by people like Gerald Gardner or Dion Fortune.

Old Magic still feels dangerous, like finding an alien machine humming away in the basement. Nobody writes about it or if they did, they and their words were burned. It’s sensed and channeled through the natural world or familiars and dreams.

And this Solstice is stronger than usual as it is in the shadow of an Eclipse, the ruler of Capricorn is aligned with underworldly Pluto and Mars is near Witch Queen Hecate in Scorpio.

Image: Nosego – Time Keeper

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Is there any significance in being born near the summer solstice—June 26—


Oh dear
This astrological neophyte has looked at her MM astral DNA…
I am really quite ignorant of astrol9gy and it’s mechanism let alone the esoteric skill of interpreting
I am going to ask everyone here just what the fun it means o have my natal
Saturn at 00.29 degrees, 29 minutes and 21 of whatever (seconds????)
See I told you I’m a big no idea which is why I pay and ask MM

Any help will be grateful


Such a great post. Thanks for the reminder about getting jittery with the liminality.


Before Christianity, they knew that – to quote the Sun-Uranus in Gemini poet W. B. Yeats “there is another world, but it is in this one.” Well yes, this is something I discovered, in meditation, and many astute particle physicists are in agreement that the 5th dimension resides in inner space. At subatomic level. I had a phase in my life where I put a few years aside to rest my body and mind and practice a variety of meditations, toning exercises. I had been working extremely hard in a business that was doing research into photonics. I came away… Read more »


I find you so handsome right now!


Glad you liked my story Hel x


how lovely to take a couple of yrs out to rest….


Yeah I’d been working around 7 years straight of 12 hr work days under a lot of pressure. It was my job to find the research money to pay the bills, pay people, it was crazy stressful. By the way I stretched out the few years to around 7 or 8 😬


very horton hears a who


Preaching to the choir David x What I find ironic and amusing about the scientific paradigm….. It’s deluded and jumps from 1 burning building to another whenever there are too many anomalies to fit that current paradigm… Let’s get a new house and say this is the ultimate truth like the last one and the one before that Any anthropologists here? Polani and someone else? I liked The World much better when science hadn’t usurped MAGIC Put on the fuqing Goddess helmet you biased, arrogant, patronising, hypercritical, ego engaged eccentric…. Sorry Peace and goodwill to everybody Pray for an epiphany… Read more »



Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

omg I love this.

Crystallised future

Well I’m relieved to read this!!! I’ve felt out of whack for a week and my Moon and Ascendant are Cancer so that’s perhaps why. I even shot off a pissed off message last night before thinking about it – something I thought I’d outgrown. Everyone around me seems emotional and I’m not coping with the unexpected dynamics of a friend of my son moving in and the effect on his girlfriend. ☹️


that image is fascinating, mm x


we had two hares visit our garden – felt like a good sign.


So weird… Friday was really hot and it didn’t cool down much until Saturday about 5am. I was sleeping downstairs on my couch (because I have cooling downstairs only) and I got up to go to the loo and it was finally cooler so I went upstairs to sleep in my bed, took my fan with me. I’d left all the windows open so the cool air could come through. I woke up to a chiming sound and heard it a few times during the morning when I got up, finally realised it was my blind metal rod bumping against… Read more »


‘The quieter you become-the more you can hear’
A quote from Baba Ram Dass aka Richard Alpert RIP just recently. Love that quote.


Love that thanks dear Pegs. Happy xmas eve and saturnalia to you!


I’ll bet there are many old magic books hidden away in the Vatican Vaults. I was tidying my inner Adelaide garden yesterday afternoon in the hours near the solstice when I heard a familiar but unusual (so close to the city) bird call that I recognised as a black cockatoo. I looked up to see six of them flying in formation over my house. I really felt it was a sort of a wave from spirit – six being the number of my ruling planet Venus, it made sense to me. Looking up the symbolism of black cockatoos just now… Read more »

Crystallised future

The join up of Saturn and Pluto is sextile my sun. I hope it’s a good year!!! In Qld, black cockatoos are a sign of rain coming. Hope that is an indication for you there in Adelaide too.


It has indeed started raining today. Not for long but enough to make things damp for a bit. Praying for rain for you guys too. Good luck with that sextile, I sense good things are coming for many XX

Alex E

Even if there are grimoires hidden in the Vatican, they would probably only offer a roadmap to one’s own potential. Books, life coaches, rituals — those things can only point one in the right direction. Potential is too individual a thing for any single process to root out tho. I think probably 90% of what witches did in the past was to show people how to liberate their potential through different processes / rites. This is probably why the Church was so fixated on burning them: because every fibre of those women and men contradicted the ‘philosophy’ of the Church,… Read more »


Let’s pray and bring rain. Enough already…
I want to see ARK building, doves and fucking rainbows
AUSTRALIA IS BURNING, where is the rain…
Christmas miracle please

Hi Lexie no shit
I live in Adelaide too!

When the Catholic church falls this Librarian will be there with big trucks and fake work orders

Truth will then come out….

Who’s with me ?


I’ll be there with bells on! 🙂


So feeling this vibe, just want to wonder around old forest or bush areas. Feel the energy and peace of these places. They always quiet my mind and make me feel revitalized. The ocean does the same for me, but for some reason the forest and gardens are calling so strongly in the past few days. Can’t sit still so off for another walk.


It feels like everything has multiple levels of meaning and it’s all just gorgeous.

Also the vibe in my head felt like an office party where all the various parts of my psyche were hanging out congratulating each other for doing their jobs really well. The nog is Def spiked.


Yes! This…encountering levels of meaning. I held a gathering of friends and it was so lovely. Venus was in the western sky as guide and watcher.


Jeez I’m so glad you posted this – and today, 22nd, not yesterday. There’s so much new magic solstice pressure these days lol. I really felt yesterday as a day of, here in the Northern hemisphere, deep darkness. I felt groggy and on going for a rest fell asleep for 2 hours. Deep dreamless sleep. When I awoke and looked at my bedside clock to see it was 5 I had no idea whether it was day or night. I managed to sit with my new evergreen (a living one in a pot) in candlelit darkness for an hour or… Read more »


Omg I did not know that Yeats quote! My Sun-Uranus appreciates ❤️❤️❤️

Wish Upon a Star

Beautiful Mystic.


I have some small rocks from a faraway inland place that represent the huge old era just ended. Tonight I’m taking them down to the water near where I live, a place they would never have normally belonged to, and I’m throwing them in deep. Also, a weekend Tarot reading talked about the projection of my magic onto people who can’t carry it (more eloquent but YKWIM). Lightbulb went on big time. You mean, all this drive I have to find a partner who is into A, B and C means that I need to realise those things within myself??… Read more »


Lovers card x
PS I feel ya on this too!


“You can’t ritual or affirm it away: just leave room in your head for the insights.” That’s it. That’s the feeling. Unlike other years though, I am also sensing that an old era – a painful and full of sacrifices one – is ending and a new one is beginning. One where goals I have been working my way towards for the past two years are actually going to take place. Once – during the above mentioned old era – I would have said “dreams” and not goals. But a certain @Mystic told me 2 years ago, when Saturn entered… Read more »


Our objective is to abstract patterns from Nature (right hemisphere thinking), but many proposed patterns do not in fact correspond to the data. Thus all proposed patterns must be subjected to the sieve of critical analysis (left hemisphere thinking). The search for patterns without critical analysis, and rigid skepticism without a search for patterns, are the antipodes of incomplete science. The effective pursuit of knowledge requires both functions.
Carl Sagan — The Dragons of Eden


Wow your art choice is so apt. After making solstice mandala with leaves Found distressed crow Solstice Eve hidden in a huge ancient tree root. He let me get really really close and gave him a drink of water and a splash over his feathers. I looked up crow – death message didn’t resonate – does anybody have any knowledge of crows in the solstice – like helping one ? It felt magic and powerful but I didn’t understand why???


I think you are so correct it was magic and it was about connecting more with my gift


We rescued a baby raven yesterday eve from the roadside, not quite able to fly, something a little awry. We gave him or her a quiet night and a feed this morning and it has stayed in our space, wandering around pecking at things. After two hours of light interactions, it flew into our house, and then out once more, calm and low over the head of my nephew. It has been a day of death and life, a friend passed over in the morning, and much strange behaviour amongst our herd, definitely a messenger to speak respectfully with …


I have two crows that call out predawn flying around the neighbourhood. I mentally ask a question and I hear them call out a”yes” or they are silent. A bit fanciful as I’m usually in a dreamy half conscious state, but I like it. I saw one on my Sunday afternoon dog walk watching me and I always say “I see you.”

Wish Upon a Star

Wnat an amazing experience RV. I woke up this arvo from a nap with the Eagles song ‘I cant tell you why’. Now I realize it is meant for you.

When my mother passed over I was having a bad day. I felt so empty. Then I saw an empty plot filled with crows and I felt so comforted and filled with strength.

I can’t tell you why intellectually but I can tell you to stay with the feeling of magic and power. I feel you can work it out yourself.

I do believe crows are messengers.


Thank you – that’s exactly what I realised it was magic


From Neolithic times people have thought of crows as sun-birds eg the sanzuwu of Chinese mythology – 10 red or golden crows who inhabit 10 suns held in the branches of a mulberry tree in the eastern underworld in the valley of the sun. They take turns to rise each day and travel the sky in the carriage of the sun mother xihe .


Crows are often seen as psychopomps, aiding and assisting spirits that have left their physical bodies to find their way back to Source. I find them a very comforting presence. In relation to the solstice, could they not then be guardians over this turn of the wheel from death to rebirth of the sun at Yule in the Northern hemisphere?

Thank you for your kind act to crow. I too hope that they are okay.


I love this comment and thanks for sharing. Yesterday I had this strong feeling that omens were all around us. Thanks for helping the crow I hope he/she is ok.


Aqua’s totem animal is the raven. He chats to them literally. They chat back. Today whilst walking the dogs we saw one perched in a tree and three others a top another. Just watching us. Always so beautiful. I’ve just written my list of goodbyes to all the things that are leaving now and my list of what’s invited in. I’m looking forward to 2020.


I worked at the omega institute for a while in my 20s. When the castaneda workshop was coming up a flock of them came, hung out for the week and departed at the end. Flock together indeed.


Read “a life with corvids” I think it’s called. Lady with a raven called Chicken. They are highly intelligent and supreme messengers. It’s surely fortunate you helped the smashing creature. It won’t forget x


All below, and also a bird of Saturn ( and ancestors)
My tantra/yoga theatcher feeds her crows on saturdays to honor Saturn. I feed them whenever i remember to. They are so peculiar putting down the bits of bread i give them with minute presisjon to be able to carry it all. When there are two crows they respect each others space, not taking the crumb theat is closer to the other crow. I really like crows.


Hmm! I pretty much never get weirded out by dreams, but I fell asleep in my daughter’s room while putting her to sleep tonight and had a bizarre mini-dream that left me unsettled. In the dream, someone broke into the house, and when I confronted them it was a girl who looked like my daughter, saying my daughter was the fake, and she was just back to visit as per “the deal”. Now I’m wondering what that was all supposed to mean…


Whoa. That makes total sense. Christmas has been stirring up childhood memories and present-day angst. This is so genius, thank you.


A Changeling dream!


I swear my acoustic guitar played a faint note by itself yesterday. And in the middle of the night I woke up just as three notes played. I recently put a photo of one of my best friend ( a rock star ) who has passed away, in the same room as the guitar.. i can’t help but think it’s him. I can’t tell anyone in real life as they will think I’m bats 🦇 so had to share here. ❤️

Wish Upon a Star

Of course it was him Love. He was giving you a message in his special way.

So glad you shared this with us.


The first photo in my new place was of an old best friend who passed, I feel him here. He too was a musician. I can faintly hear him chuckling and it’s lovely. You aren’t going crazy.

Last night in a ritual, both parents came to me. It was intentional on my part… but after their messages both, I could hear them laughing together. In darkness there is light and in the words of my father, “it’s peaceful here”. We fear what we don’t understand and that’s Entirely ok. Xxxx


completely weird day… the light fixture in the kitchen fell down with no warning when I was under it! I got out of the way in time and while I was standing a few feet away sort of flabbergasted, all of the bulbs fell out and shattered across the floor. I spent the next hour cleaning up all the broken glass (open floor plan, it went everywhere). Then I laid down and inadvertently napped through most of the evening. Whatever I dreamt about felt major, and since I’ve been trying to recall it (it’s almost there but then dissolves). Still… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Oh so dramatic. I dont know if you want to hear this? But I didnt get a foreboding feeling when I read this. I got the feeling that it is a message that you are just not getting so the ante is being upped. Going into fear will just block the message and you will upset yourself and regress. Do you have a loved one passed over that was dramatic? Are you being blindsided? Are you avoiding a major probmem in your life? Or is it something else entirely? It sounds like it will come thru in your dreams. Be… Read more »

Broom Hilda

I just couldn’t today. I didn’t sleep last night, I was restless. Yet I popped up with the sunsrise in a state of anxiety. I proceeded to have breakfast with every single demon I’ve ever battled and entertained them all morning. I exhausted myself emotionally, psychologically and spiritually by 9 am then proceeded to force myself to sleep until 4 pm in order to escape the reality of it all… or did I need the rest to help heal all the wounds I picked at all morning? It wasnt until I lit my hearth outside and did my yule log… Read more »


Feeling the Saturn/Pluto energy very strongly this year with the planetary pileup in Cap across my 6th & 7th house. I have arranged to have a few days on my own over Christmas & will spend the leadup to the eclipse doing a home ‘retreat’ ( Ie a one day juice fast & lots of yoga and meditation). Keeping my own counsel ❤️

Year of the Phoenix

Woo Woo or what! I am looking forward to Eclipse, my family is heavy with Earth and we are a weird bunch so what’s not to be excited about!

The trines happening are far reaching and feel like the foundations to a new brand new build. I like that the upcoming CNY is in the first house and the new decade is beginning

2020 vision from now on!

*Virgo sun + Virgo rising + Scorpio moon


Ugh the sadness


Yes, solstices and equinoxes are gateways presided over by arch angelic beings to higher dimensions. Gateways to the spiritual dimensions of the earth and cosmos. I am reading Corinne Heline’s Stargates trying to tune in to the bigger picture – the evolution of the earth and cosmos. One point she makes is that access to knowledge of the higher realms -aka initiation – was previously restricted to priestly or royal privilege as in the olden days but now in modern times the path of initiation is open to all. And I am beginning to think there is no choice –… Read more »


Thanks for the post.
Felt like Saturn/Pluto on Cap Asc, square my Sun (& Chiron on IC) had finally finished me off. This too shall pass… (right?!)
Come all Ye Sacred Solstice Blessings & Magic!💫

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