The Astrology Of The Royal Wedding

Astrology of the Royal Wedding

Well, i was not even going to watch this event, let alone write about the Astrology of the Royal Wedding. But i was sucked into this frankincense and regalia vortex and watched the whole damn thing. So, some astrological observations, for anyone interested.

# The stand-out star of the whole event was the Most Reverend Michael Bruce Curry, the Presiding Bishop of the American Episcopal Church. He blew away the one-percenters with a sermon evoking Martin Luther King, slavery and civil rights. His hip-hop gospel delivery was Uranus in Taurus saying a happy “hello there” to the uber Taurus Queen Elizabeth and Zara Tindall.  Both of them seemed taken aback by the moment. Prince Charles also has Uranus bang-on his Taurus Moon at the moment. The Reverend is a Pisces. He has Moon-North Node in Aquarius and Retro-Mercury in Aries. Of course, he went off-script.

Diana’s Ghost Wafting Through the Cancerian Moon Etheric Mists

# Diana’s Ghost wafting through the Cancerian Moon etheric mists. The bridal bouquet had flowers picked by Harry the night before, from some secret palace garden.  It featured Forget-Me-Not’s, the favorite flower of the lost Cancerian Princess. For anyone old enough to recall the Diana years, it was obvious that this ceremony was one she would have adored.

# Meghan Markle’s mother Doria Ragland – a Virgo or a Libra – was such a modern presence. She was unaccompanied, composed and just so real-seeming. She raised Meaghan from the age of six as a single mother. Ms. Ragland is a yoga instructor and psychotherapist for people with substance disorders who seems to lead an elegantly streamlined introvert life. And then she gets catapulted into the most televised, formal and ornate public ritual of the decade.

# The couple! I am not with the cynics on this one. It feels beautiful and real, such an epic contrast to the dystopian news flow in other realms of the ‘ruling’ classes. The new Duchess of Sussex is a Triple Leo. The royal family has more Sun sign Leo people than would be statistically likely and she has the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Libra, a most auspicious combo.


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Suddenly realised this man is the same, the very same one who garnered a headline i read and relished: Harry Pothead! (Didn’t read the article, but did think, go you! Bust out! Also had many feelings about the tabloid shaming for such a young guy, and this headline is the Everything about shoddy journalism to me.) This is the first ever royal son of Empire and Colonialism, to actually fall in love with, and marry in established rite, a direct descendant of colonial victimisation and slavery. She is an incredibly young woman to be handling love and in-laws, let alone… Read more »


BTW, do not for one minute think that the genetics of the couple have any meaning in general for the era. It doesn’t for them, yet is a thing they have to secondarily consider to each other, first with family and friends and their societies. Then publicly. Same for anyone who partners outside their tribe’s norm. A marriage is also social contract and for this family, a powerful one. So, like Rudd’s apology to Aboriginals here in Australia, a moving symbol in the public eye but not in itself a sudden socio-political change. Do wonder most about Harry and Megan’s… Read more »


Ah, one more thing if i may: he has signifiers of a devoted father, while she has signifiers of stability for hurt children/a hurt child.

And then Regulus (whom i know best from Kimmy’s placement) has moved into Queens’ territory.

Not literal, obviously, but very much of the nature of rule in electronic times. Considering Virgo ruled by Merc.


The processions, ceremony, costumes, buildings and manicured grounds were spectacular.
I was not charmed by the black Bishop.
Many were swooned but I was not.
I found no appeal in his rambling long winded sermon. And REFERENCING Political Civil Rights Leader American Martin Luther King in a “royal” British wedding? Totally out of place and politicizing romance and love.
A reference to a poet or a romantic poet, painter or ither artist would have been apt abd I also found the lecture neither humorous nor erudite.


Whether one thinks that “royalty” is an abomination in the 21st century or not, royal marriages have always been ALL about alliances and politics – read your history. And you cannot ignore & sweep away under the carpet centuries of slavery perpetrated and supported by the British Crown as one of it’s princes marries a woman who is a direct descendant from slaves. This sermon by the Most Reverend Michael Bruce Curry was a long time coming.


Hear, hear! It was indeed like a refreshing balm.


This comment saddened me, it being the first one too. It’s a shame that you were only moved by the “processions….. costumes, buildings and manicured grounds” yet felt that the message of universal love and healing by “the black Bishop” was inappropriate. Even the Bishop of Canterbury was enthusiastically saying afterwards how wonderful it had been and how:
“…(people) were captivated by that sense of love, and of love with a purpose. Not just selfish love, not sentimental, drippy stuff, but love with a purpose to change the world.”


Against all odds, I loved the royal wedding so much!
That electric Jaguar Harry and Meghan left Windsor castle in signifies Uranus into Taurus.
Electrified Love! xx


I unashamedly loved it. I particularly loved the music. How fantastic to hear Ben E King sung in a place with such acoustics, talk about spiritually elevated. I reckon the building itself loved it. Rev Curry was the best, and I have chosen to believe some of the smiles from some members of the Firm were because of how brilliant it was that the stuffy old institution was being stretched into a new shape. I do find it hard to believe they would be so graceless as to laugh, given the number of public engagements they all attend/sit through on… Read more »

dark star

The Neptune in me loved all of it, the triumphant love story cinematic Stand by me secret flowers sweetness of the whole thing. Pluto/Uranian side loved the authenticity (the rev speech, hair slightly undone, couples body language, Doria!
I just watched my sister plan a wedding and circumvent some traditions- Hard enough with one cranky priest relative I can’t imagine the backbone it would take to face a whole institution


jupiter saturn conjunct in libra????? i dont even know why i am getting chills. you’re absolutely right, i was a hater and now am a 100% lover of the whole damn thing. her mother, yes, omg…….


Meghan also has her Jupiter oppo her MC – does this mean trouble for her?


Maybe, but through her relationship with Harry she has quit many lifestyle norms – acting, social media, etc – that have an individualistic bent (Aries MC). She becomes more through the balancing of Libra/Aries axis. I think this spells good things. (Also a totally instant view on this as I didn’t watch the ceremony nor knew anything about these people until reading this post and got SO SWEPT UP by the Reverands speech. I’m lovingly dying over here! – Maybe with transit moon today just moving into my 8th house Leo…I bailed on a leo friends engagement party this afternoon… Read more »


i’ve done both their charts. her mars in cancer is on his moon in taurus. his mars in saggo is on her moon in libra and her sun in leo. his venus in libra conjuncts her moon in libra. his moon in taurus is on her ascendant in cancer. her venus in virgo is on his moon. in composite they have a mars moon/venus moon/mars sun sexy thing going on that is UNBREAKABLE. there is also some true love chiron activity which escapes my mind at the moment. this hook up is the real deal. they truly love and like… Read more »


Thanks for this. She DOES bring his status more authority – so well said. What is so great is that Harry is not intimidated by her, she doesn’t threaten him. He recognizes that with her, they make a very strong team. Let’s hope they are given the freedom they deserve because without Harry and Meghan in the mix, the RF is pretty much stuck in the past.


Pretty sure her Pluto is on his Venus too in Libra no?


Over the yrs I have swung from republican supporter to tepid royal supporter. With Charlie and his woman on the horizon I’ve been squarely in the republican camp for some time. William and his lazy wife, whose only accomplishment has been living the high life at others’ expense, have done nothing to move me. They prefer a secluded life which others pay for. Then along came Meghan. Now THERE is someone I can admire. I’ve long felt Harry is the brighter hope of the 2 boys. He reaches out while William pulls in, the difference in their natures But it… Read more »

Sim oneness

Loved the brothers in their uniforms, punitive and yet modern,


Just had a look at Meghan’s birth chart on Astrotheme. & I was surprised to see that her rising sign is Cancer, making the chart Moon ruled.
That moon is sitting in a conjunction with Saturn in Libra.
She must have put in a lot of work to attain that degree of composure in front of such intense public and media interest .


Diana was a Cancerian…


So true! This wedding felt really bizarre and new age in the context of being a royal wedding. It was Uranian off-road, off kilter and off the rails, whimsy fairy tale Leo Cinderella with a big wet Cancer sloppy kiss that was sentimental and cringey to the max. I laughed a lot but was a bit annoyed at the sniggering at the Bishop’s speech. Beatrice and her sister are so graceless they laughed outright. I don’t care what the naysayers say, it was a masterful way of making the monarchy seem more relevant. A bit like when Obama was made… Read more »


also odd that Meghans mum didnt turn up till wednesday….she was probs still jet lagged for the occasion..she looked rather dazed….didn’t they want at least a week together before the big day for some mother/daughter bonding/sightseeing/ general settling in time??


oh, and she forgot to curtsy to the queen when leaving the chapel….orf with her head!


She did curtsy! It is just the TV cameras cutaway at that very moment 🙂


i enjoyed it.
thought michael curry went on a bit.
was interested yo note moon in cancer…Diana there in spirit…how lovely, i’m thinking it was a happy coincidence tho.
i did read somewhere that you shouldnt get married in may…but they seem v happy together, soo happy for happy
v strange that Harry han’t even met her dad…and her only family member present was her mum…? hmmm

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

The Cancerian vibe was SO real….when Diana’s sister gave that reading…

SO poignant!

Ha ha, the Episcopalian Bishop was so…alight! It was impossible not to love him, and yes, totes uranian, talking about discovering fire and harnessing the power of love!

The gospel choir was to die for…

I wish them every happiness!

Goldy Hawnbag

I normally hate royal anything but this was amazing. By this I mean Bish Mike Curry – what a gorgeous, genuine, heartfelt performance that was! So different to all the other bs that surrounded the couple. I think they are also a uniquely human pair and I’d love to know more about Doria Ragland. She looks like she has integrity. Also if this isn’t a middle finger to all the right-wing separatist xenophobia that the UK has given in to in recent years I don’t know what is.

Goldy Hawnbag

Oh and by ‘uniquely human’ I mean unique for the royal family. I think only Diana would be a match for them. Sad that she couldn’t be there for her son but I could see her in his eyes.


Some of those raised Royal eyebrows during the sermon may well have been to do with the theme of fire – given the massive damage to Windsor Castle and the total loss of Queen Victoria’s private chapel in the 15 hour fire of 1992 it may have been less the preaching style and more the choice of topic…


That’s a good point which seems to have eluded everyone else. Of course the Bish would be in the know about that. Even Bishops in America are blissfully ignorant of anything beyond their shores.


meant to type ‘wouldn’t be in the know…’


the human race will never exist without hierarchy. there will always be someone wanting to throw their weight around, don the Immunity Necklace, etc.


we’re advanced chimpanzees. primates are kind of hardwired for that business. imho. not that i agree with the concept. but there are enough of us for it always to be a thing. perhaps


I was totally hooked watching it – It was just straight up L.O.V.E, I couldn’t turn it off!

And Meghan’s mother was just gorgeous!

Leo on the Rise

Yup me too – I was just going to switch it on to see the dress….
I bawled all the way through it….
I was a wreck…
I’m with Mystic on this one – just pure love –


I knew Rev Curry must be a Pisces, he just flowed with that universal essence. And if he was my local Rev I would consider a church visit regularly. From the outset these two have felt real. Harry’s comment on ‘the stars aligned’ when they met is so right. The whole ceremony was incredible and I feel heralds a new start for the globe. The feel was of acceptance, unity and humanity. I watched Charles take Daria’s hand to take her through to sign the registers. But the bit that really hit home was about ghosts I suppose. As Meaghan… Read more »


Harry has Leo rising (not Capricorn) so her triple Leo will aspect that. They are definitely super in love!


Everything is changing. Triple solar leo here went to a wedding of an old old friend today and it was a cascade of old and new surrounded by a cocoon of love. From the minutiae of planets shifting to the public changing of the guards, the new age is here.


Just your words “cocoon of love” made me think how this point in time (Megan and Harry) has been a long time in the making. In the description of the wedding dresses, it was reported last night that Diana’s dress was made of 100% pure silk and when she got out of the car at Westminster Abbey it was totally crushed and crumpled. The dress makers were busy with hair dryers to get rid of the wrinkles before she walked down the aisle. To me Diana was about Love – but how could it happen when hers was an arranged… Read more »




I only caught a snippet and it was of the Reverend’s lovely animated speech. I cant help but feel it added the warmth needed for a day when harry might have been feeling his mother’s absence a little more


And it just seemed.. modern.


Thank you, I didn’t watch but I love this description. I caught a news snippet a couple of days before where a commentator on the PBS newshour did a little triumphant shimmy/ hugging herself thing because the newest royal is African American. It was such a joyous unscripted moment it makes me smile just to think about it.


Now I am watching and found the smirking and stuffiness during the sermon insufferable, bring on the republic. How degenerate do you have to be to be unable to contain your amusement that there are alternative ways of addressing a congregation, ones that don’t entail boring them to death. My god there’s a gene pool that has been stagnant too long.


What she said ^^


While I agree many of them were trying to stifle their amusement, I don’t believe they were all doing it as a ‘no no’ to what they were hearing.
Thinking about kids when they can hear the rebellion or ring of something true amidst an environment that doesn’t openly welcome it. Particularly the couple – I think their smiles were not just ga ga for each other, but the delight and thrill of something REAL being said in the face of an ancient and outright boring tradition.


I loved it … interesting both William and Harry married at Uranus ingresses into new sign, both changing the rules on who a Royal Prince can wed, whist the Cancer Moon is a clear invocation / tip of the hat to their Mother Diana …. has me convinced they still use there Court Astrologers ! ❤️


Ooh cool. If all goes to plan with my new digs, I should be newly moved in and may host a small housewarming get-together around then, and it’s fantastic to have a heads up on the astro. . . .

Love this post–I totally missed the wedding so it’s super cool to have such a perceptive distillation.

For anyone looking to delve back into Diana, here’s a luminous essay about her by Hilary Mantel:


Maybe this will be the energetic make up surrounding their honeymoon!


AKA – ‘the alchemical marriage’


A wedding date would have to agree with the charts of the couple though, too, wouldn’t it? I mean, I definitely would not want to get married on a libra moon for example, which would be on/near my Pluto and ic and square my own moon (and opposite my venus! Argh lol) haha


I got sucked into this too. The Most Rev Curry stole the show! The looks on the congregation’s faces as the cameras panned were priceless. If that had been a gospel congregation, there would have been ‘amens’ and ‘praise the lords’. I thought it brought a touch of humanity and personalness to the event which was always in danger of being swept up into an enormous show for the people. One thing that did strike me was the mother of the bride sitting there seemingly all on her own in this vast church, with all the royal rellies in tow… Read more »

12th house Virgo

I agree. The cellist and choir were also amazing. I didn’t expect the ceremony to feature African American culture. It was heartening and I think soothes her mother. The bishop did go on a bit to long, but his message and sincere passion were as real as Meghan’s freckles. Felt very Uranus-Taurus to me.

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