Saturn Conjunct South Node Until October Alert

black stocking leg in front of old masters painting in gilded frame. The stockings are YSL and legs slender, in black stilettos

When I first realized half of 2019 was Saturn conjunct the South Node, I swore out loud. Then I triple checked the ephemeris. Surely the Time God could not be parked on the South Node from April until October. Six months of Saturn-heavy soul-mining and reckoning with the past? And, this with Saturn strengthened by being in proximity to Uncle Pluto and his home constellation of Capricorn. But it’s true.

However, as foreboding as it sounds, I have good news re this lengthy trip of heavy-metal Saturn. First, a clarification. Saturn conjunct the South Node is the same as Saturn opposition the North Node. That South and North Node of the Moon are always in exact opposition to one another. They’re not orbiting planets or even asteroids. They’re hypothetical points that are more poetically called the Dragon’s Head and the Dragon’s Tail.

You can wax esoteric about the South Node or Dragon’s Tail as being a karmic portal, representing your existences up until now. Or focus on the North Node/Dragon’s Head as a beacon. Conjure up a better fortune by choosing themes and scenes related to your North Node (the Astral DNA birth chart report has some ideas). While the South Node aesthetic and culture can seem appealing or comfortable, it keeps you stuck.

South Node Culture Can Seem Appealing, But It Keeps You Stuck

Having Saturn conjunct your natal South Node is a once every 28 years only personal transit that has a distinct effect. If you ever doubt the veracity of the South Node, wait till Saturn, Pluto, Uranus or Neptune cross over it. It’s potent. Saturn over the natal South Node is like one of those movies where the person gets drawn back to their hometown on some flimsy narrative pretext, only to confront unresolved issues and found themselves anew.

Or a crime heist plot where one last job leads to the protagonist encountering the father they thought was dead. Circumstances often compel the person to re-experience old dynamics to understand them better. It’s a consciousness-raising trip that feels more like working in a quarry.

But Saturn conjunct the South Node in Capricorn until October is not that intense. It’s more universal. You can take it or leave it. However, as it is an integral part of the Capricorn Convergence of 2020, I’m recommending taking it. Yes, like wormwood tincture or cold showers.

Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn tracking along together is an unprecedented opportunity to delineate dynamics laid down in your past. And, as Saturn is a worker, to not merely feel them or recollect something but to methodically re-pattern them. The sector of your birth chart where you have Capricorn is the it-zone for this process.

If There Is A Karma Police, Saturn Is The Top Karma Cop On The Beat

It’s also got a strong whiff ancestry and lineage. If there is a Karma Police, Saturn is pretty much the top Karma Cop on the beat.  Insights around your heritage – psychic and cultural – come unbidden. Saturn conjunct the South Node is an opportunity to bring the measured, deliberate and logical light of today to bear on some of the more puzzling or painful events from your past. And, the best part about it? It’s Saturnine Vibe so being an archeologist to yourself involves no time off work or lengthy sabbaticals. It will improve every facet of your performance and help you become better at wielding power.

What would become of the ‘ignore’ option? It’s more likely to involve grotty people from your past popping up in a tedious mode and a vague but weighty miasmic nostalgia.

I say do it. Pluto conjunct the South Node for the last month was a fantastic warm up. No subliminal scripts are going to be humming away in the background running your processes.

Think of the next six months as your chance to do a repair-job on aspects of your life/psyche/relationships that you did not know were even broken.


Image: Pascale Gambarte

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After a nearly 2 year sovereignty search I (7H Sun) began dating a Capriquarius early in the year (who’s 10 years younger, mind you…His Saturn in Pisces conjunct my DC lol) but get this… we transitioned from the friend zone (composite Sun in 3H Aqua) the day of our composite Nodal Return and we have Saturn conjunct SN in composite. I’m still tripped out by all of it and I’ve had my share of Plutonian karmic relationships but this one has really sent me through a reincarnation loop. His SN is conjunct my Venus (in 8H Aries) and we’re both… Read more »

Sai A Grafio

I have s node 23 degrees Capricorn. What will the be the affect of the transiting stellium in Jan….. 2020?

Anya Briggs

Sorry, that would be Uranus placements in the chart with Saturn and Jupiter not Pluto for the Sun and moon sign Scorpios that I was seeing as particularly accident prone until October. Thanks!


I have Saturn conjunct South node in Cancer, both 3°. They both have many tight aspects to other planets in my chart. Nice aspects Sextile moon in Taurus, 0° orb Trine Venus in Scorpio 1° orb Tricky aspects Square Mercury and Pluto in Libra, 0° orb Inconjunct Neptune in Sag, Jupiter in Aquarius, making a Yod The sextile with the Moon is the base point of another Yod with Neptune st the apex. Every time something in the sky transits over 2,3,4° of any sign, all my planets are lit up in one way or another. I’ve brrn thinking about… Read more »


You probably rationalize how you feel. You make an effort to feel good. This is what I do as well. I know this because I have the same natal aspect (Saturn in conjunction with the South Node in Gemini). Overtime, you get to understand better what hurts you. This does not prevent the wounds from happening but you tend to have more resources in order to deal with them. You end up using the attributes of Saturn like time and patience at your advantage.


My MM Natal chart says Saturn Dignified in Capricorn. Current position in life is waiting to move, waiting for a lease to run out, but too many ideas for a future to be sure of anything. Im new at this, will follow up on Saturn in general, and Dignified sounds very posh special. 🙂

Inmaculada Concepcion

Love, LOVE, LUV iT! Let’s Do iT… Thank YOU! for this. ✨xOx✨


This is really exciting – i skimmed this and went “hmph, whatvevs – ignore mode works for me” when I first read it, but after today’s (ANZAC Day) UNCANNILY accurate daily mystic, and Taurus scopes I re-read it. My reaction now: “BOO-Yeah! BRING IT!” Now I feel energy where there was only a vague yet disturbing existential angst.


JM, so sorry to hear about your tribulations. You’re strong, mate. I echo all the sound advice and well wishes you got from our friends here. Let me (us) know whether you have a ‘GoFundMe’ going on yet, would you?


The past couple of nights I’ve been having really vivid dreams about previous jobs I’ve had, but not exactly the same place of work. It makes me think these are options from my past, paths I might’ve been on now had I stayed in those jobs??


Well after Pluto on the South Node dug up some ancestral lineage secrets on my great-grandmother being Maōri and Uranus opposite my ascendant pulled into focus my autism diagnosis, time to get some therapy and put it all into perspective, eh?
Very much keen to hop off to NZ and have an adventure to talk to that side of the family and see what else can be discovered…


And I suppose this is the pre-Saturn returns sorting I need to do before he parks into Aquarius and it begins for me!

lynne morgan

good luck with your therapy


I’m in. I need this. The timing is perfect. Thanks Mystic 🙂


OK it’s in my fifth house.
Is this why I have just met a guy that share some strong similarities (not look wise, but personality and background wise) with my ex husband, my sister (evoking jealousy that were dormant since my childhood) and is making me feel like I am reliving some things? I want brand new stuff but I also feel strongly attracted to him.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

This is SOOOOOO bang on and I really felt Pluto on the SN and I am feeling this too. It’s very ‘cold showers’ but mining the past with a future focus? Imma roll with that. Cop metaphor seems very apt.


can anyone help me out with interpreting an exact his mars my chiron conjunction?
also his jupes on my neptune…
the love zombie lives again lol


yayy thanks Mystic…i was thinking along the lines of a healing experience…we are still in the friend zone and will probs stay that way…


his saturn trines my mars aswell…durability, my mars finds his saturn dependable…yikes


I have Saturn conjunct my south node in Cancer. What are your thoughts or experiences with that aspect?


I have the exact same Saturn-South Node conjunction though my South Node is in Gemini and my Saturn (Rx) just in Cancer. From my experience it has enabled me to access past lives really easily (soul retrieval and healing). But I have often what Saturn as planet of Life Mission can mean reversing back into the South Node – if that’s what one is meant to be growin/moving out of.


hi mystic- the thing that confuses me most about this is that my north node is in Capricorn at 23 degrees so while Capricorn is currently the south node- in my chart its the north node so does this mean that i am experiecing what you described in the article and the opposite thing? would love anyones thoughts!


I’m experiencing the same thing – it’s an inversion if the nodes.


what does that mean for us 🙂


Yes! This. There are comments about it but I can’t remember the name of the post. Will look tomorrow if I have data. It’s a great opportunity for us. I have a friend going through something similar with her 4th house and she was blown away with my waffling interpretation of what it could possibly mean for her. It’s powerful stuff.


Inversion of the nodes. Yes. Look for this phrase on previous posts about Saturn Pluto conjurintion!! I was sleeping on a church floor in a homeless shelter. Very Pluto entering the 2nd house and a MASSIVE departure from my former life when I lived in the comfortably numb bubble of my SN which was textbook 8th house cancer near my Venus in Leo. My life is unrecognisable by comparison and super stoic. I literally just lost a tooth ten minutes ago during flossing. And I’m grateful to have floss, an NHS dentist appointment next week and living with a backpack,… Read more »


Even my therapist suggested I take a break. It’s not just because I can’t pay her atm because it’s been that way before and it was never even up for discussion. She has always trusted me to pay her when I could. And I have. It’s more a sense that I seem to be doing better at this whole life thing and being resourceful, creative, driven to advocate on my own behalf and perhaps more importantly really comfortable in myself and not running from or shirking away from uncomfortable feelings and realities like the certainty of death or regrets I… Read more »


My NN is 22” Capricorn so we’re going through something similar. There was a thread about 6 weeks ago that was really enlightening and I’m pretty sure it was IC Pluto who made the comments. Worth taking a look at the posts on this topic about 6 weeks ago. I’m on an iPhone with no internet and using my data plan so I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful here but if you have access to a computer or tablet and WiFi I strongly recommend you take a look at the post and read the comments because it’s quite a… Read more »


Maybe try Stephen Jenkinson, Grief walker who spoke at The School of Life.

Wish Upon a Star

Hi Invicta,

I get a really nice feeling for where you are at.

Have a great night.


“….a prick, a c*nt and an ars*hole all in one fuc*ed entity” ….. this actually sounds like an apt description of Uranus. Not the NN. I bet that your upheaval began around the time when Uranus went over your SN/NN axis – round the ZZ time – I think Pluto would have been ON your DC too – that is a deep game-changing combo (spell check wrote compost, hahaha). I think Uranus through the 4/10 axis/houses can be brutal – esp if other malefics are in play or if one has planets there (or opposite). I went on a rollercoaster… Read more »


I know what you’ve written Jm, and i am just…. gutted.
BUT, you are a strong & crazy crab, amigo – anything is possible (always a good starting point).
And i still stand by all this being Uranus – it is an OP with wide & long lasting repercussions. Right now It is also trine both your Saturn & Pluto forming an exact Grand Earth Trine. Go get some earth healing, you having Saturn in the 6th and all.


One of my life lesson rules: NEVER EVER ask the universe what else can go wrong in your life – because you won’t like the answer. It’s almost like if you can ask the question, then you can take more shit. As for the cancer situ – i’m down with Meria on this – have you had the prostrate biopsy results? Also, it’s not like it’s the NN’s fault if this situ is from a few yrs back. And it is just as well you did find out now! And as for moi (thanks for asking) – i have to… Read more »


You might want to look up W. A. Yankovic’s “Living With A Hernia” (youtube)
(moderator won’t let me post)


Plus his Moon in Cancer explains his hair as poncho look.


I have SUCH a crush on Weird Al. SO glad to hear he’s got some Aqua!


This is all leading up to a conjunction with my Merc/NN/Sun at the beginning of Aqua, which I assume will have a different flavor.

Already there is a total whiff of the LAST time Saturn passed over my South Node (in 1991…which was not really that fun of a time), and Pluto on SN the last month brought up *grade school* triangle-fight/chicks stealing my identity issues. Not fun.

I’d almost rather go Hermit and be prepared to deflect the grotty people and write through the nostalgia….

Wish Upon a Star

Going Hermit sounds like a good idea. Let muggles be muggles.

I am learning that distancing myself from fuqwits brings a lot of space and integrity.


WUaS: Yeps! I mean, I’m all for Plutonic dredging, esp. and including my own. But I don’t sees, from this “Pluto on the SN” prep” that people read it as strength at all. You’re just giving them weapons. WTF do that?

Wish Upon a Star

Yes WTF do that. I am really feeling this vibe at the moment: if any dynamic feels yuk just get out. Even if someone is yelling abuse at you(my fuq wit neighbor).

They need to learn that you will not engage. I am a Pisces Rising, I simply lose too much energy if I am around fuqwits. Then I get dragged down. Not good.

Goldy Hawnbag

I have Saturn conjunct my south node natally in Gemini so I can’t help but relate it to that, plus the transit is going down in my 10th. Work wise everything is up in the air (multiple short-term contracts, which may or may not be renewed). I dunno. I thought I’d know what I was doing by now, and where I belonged but it seems I’m just as lost as ever. I’m just going to keep my head down and work, and when the work dries up I’ll panic, but it can wait until then. Literally all I want to… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

You do that gardening. It will relax you and possibly bring inspiration.

If everything is up in the air you can bring it down in the garden.

All the best !

Goldy Hawnbag

Thanks Wish! Also I think I need to work on my gratitude. At least I have work.

Goldy Hawnbag

I’ve got nothing useful to offer other than I’m wishing you love and a home base. I’m glad your family is supportive. That can make all the difference.


well after uranus conjunct my south node and venus, square my moon, saturn and the rest in my 7th is a supportive astro for some good therapy that is ongoing.. she unlocks something different every time, I am so glad i looked for, and found, a new person. i am having a lot of lessons about ‘cleaning up’ my interpersonal vibe, not just something i am doing wrong, also very importantly where i can start to let more oxygen in, and fill out the spaces that i have shrunk away from… this is all going to square my Pluto-IC ergh… Read more »


So Jan 1991 South node, Saturn and pandora conjunct and Pluto on my Neptune next to my SN and Jupiter circe(opposite herself) on my DC. Quick to my dream journals…. Damn at the farm WHERE I was this morning with no delicious internet


OMG I’m loving that image!

Penelope Darling

So my South Node is is Scorpio (sexy chaos as MM put it in my DNA) and I have Saturn in Scorpio. My only Capricorn influences are my descendant, and 7th and 8th Houses. Pluto conjunct the South Node was a massive shake up / wake up situation about relationships and community and how I was allowing myself to be defined and therefore trapped and restricted. I have left that behind, hopefully without burning any brides, and I’m working on building a new community. Hopefully Saturn conjunct SN will be more of that, and also scraping out the last vestiges… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Me Scorpio south node also. That hint to avoid sexy chaos was given to me quite a few years ago. Sometimes I trip up, but hey they are just mistakes then I move on. No point beating yourself up.

I’m so glad you are not burning any BRIDES.

We need those Vestal Virgos for discernment and to correct our spelling. ha ha.

I like your comment about scraping out the residual hurt, I can relate.

And cheers to new space, distance and perspective.


Penelope Darling

🙂 haha whups!

I was lucky enough to go into the House of the Vestals as part of a research trip to Rome, a really special place.

Thanks for the reply xo

Wish Upon a Star

Wow lucky you doing research in Rome?

What are you researching?

Penelope Darling

I look at the development of macabre imagery in medieval Italy. I am very lucky!



Wish Upon a Star

Oh wow !

Wish Upon a Star

I’ve made a decision today that I will be starting a cranial sacral 2 year course this coming September. It means I will move to a better area with more facilities. (Joy, goodbye bogans and no fun things to do). But that won’t be till next mid Jan. To live in the bush or by the sea? I’ve had my fill here, end of an era. As I speak I can hear my fuqwit abusive neighbor. Staying here to spite him is regressive and way too stubborn for my own growth. He is not my brother, I don’t have to… Read more »


yeah stuff the crap neighbour. let the baby have his bottle. go be in a place doing a thing that makes you happy. best of luck with the course 🙂

Wish Upon a Star

Thank you PI. I love you. Here is s hint. Out of that enormous energy you give out to others, remember to keep some for yourself.

Or maybe you are a fire sign and this makes no sense.

Or maybe I am just self projecting.



Saturn/trNN in 12H is squaring my natal 8H Via Combusta Libra stellium (Sun-Pluto-Lillith-Moon), with the Pluto/Lillth squares being almost exact. I’m Aqua rising so Saturn is one of my chart rulers, the other, Uranus, just entered my 3H (I have a lopsided chart). I never understood 3H vibe until now: I am in a bilingual city where I only speak one of the languages, and I am learning massive amounts of basic stuff daily, like how to feel out which language to use and how to do basic communication in the other language. I’m also getting familiar with a new… Read more »


This whole mess is an inversion of my natal nodes and I am to the point where I don’t even know what’s up and what’s down. My natal Saturn is close to those degrees as well…really I’m just exhausted. I don’t know if I should embrace full Saturn, go with the flow, or completely change my life one last time before I settle down for good.


Oh god PF I don’t know what to say. Just that I’m glad you have your daughter’s support right now. That must be a comfort to know you can be with her. Your ex being supportive is also really good to hear. This sounds like Pluto for sure… a total stripping back. After you decide what the treatment options/plans are and can focus on getting well, there is prob something you can do to register complaints about diagnosis/delays etc. In most states it is fairly cut and dried; health systems have clear processes that support patients to hold professionals and… Read more »


Dear JM So very distressed to hear this… Unfortunately it’s a lot close to home My dad crossed over last December from Prostate Cancer… I nursed him on my own for 2 years until his hand slipped from mine into my Mums…he was however 91 years… I would like to say from beginning to end the medical profession screwed up real bad ALL the time… And it’s not improving from your terrible experience… He had a catheter for two years and got delayed and passed over for surgery as people with Cancer went ahead of him… Unbeknownst to all he… Read more »


PF, I am angry for you, which I know is not really helpful. And I repeat the offer…if there’s anything we can do. I am wary of this “karma” shit. People tell you that you’re “drawing” negative experiences to you–assholes are assholes and there are ALOT OF THEM OUT THERE and they are responsible for their own behavior. Apparently the Holocaust was a bunch of people working out karma? “Drawing negativity to themselves due to generational Pluto Rising?” Gimme a break. I am less wary of the mind-body connection. My BFF started dating what she thought was a cool guy,… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

“Working out Karma” is what a white middle class person would say. You nailed it She rat.

Why do people swallow concepts without thinking about them. They are like sheep.

In this day and age you need to think for yourself, think on your feet and take responsibility for yourself. So when a major fuqwit comes along you can show them the door.

Look spiritual truths have their place and when you grok them you just integrate it. You don’t go babbling on about them ad nauseum and using them hugely out of context hurting very vulnerable people.


Rah! Brilliant rant. I’m sorry about your friend. Her story is a very sad and sobering read. xxx


It’s my way of saying no one deserves cancer much less medical malpractice, PF. And I can viscerally feel your pain at feeling like you’ve lost all chance for love at this point (and identify with it). I just don’t think that can be. Because look: This person got someone to marry her FOUR TIMES: So there HAS to be an Astro-Savvy, soft-hearted Space Moon Biker Chick out there for you, and a soft-hearted Druid Soldier Leopard Boy Biker Dude out there for me. Right? RIGHT?!?!? don’t answer that…I’m moved to start writing romance novels now for the both of… Read more »


HAHAHA Scotland is England without the bullshit. Scotland’s got its own share of shit mate–I’ve been reliably informed: “Never underestimate the emotional immaturity of the Scottish male”….turned out to be very true. I’m in Belfast now though!!! Uncle Pluto sitting on my shoulder waving to people before I even say hello. ;-p (Remember that freakin’ SN/Pluto Prep Mystic was talking about? YAH NOT FUN. My entire time at the uni here has been a flashback of second grade and wanting to do fun things like stage plays and being just.shot.down. out of hand because my classmates think I’m a freak…and… Read more »


Wow, that is a lot to take in . . . overwhelming in fact.

Wish Upon a Star

Happy Earth Day Everyone. Press the picture on Google picture. It is sweet.

Be like the albatross. I think she is Mars in Taurus.


I have Saturn conjunct my NN in my natal chart. Will I feel this transit more deeply?


JM, all I can say is there’s always love being sent around the planet to you. What’s that old saying? We can’t control what happens, we can only control our reactions. And you’re one hell of a rocket rider. xo

dark star

I’ve been doing Saturn for a while, always doing pluto #plutonicgirlonaplutolineworld. So on first read I thought blah pass home and collect $100 instead? But maybe I’ve done the whole macro life Saturn after squareage and now I get to do micro Saturn exactly where it transits in my third house. And I know just the project for it


Saturn transit borders my 3rd- Obsessively reading, writing, cleaning. Detached from social swirl.

dark star

Damn, sorry for that diagnosis and major miss. Hope everything stabilizes so you can write away

Nike V

Me whining “But I just DID Saturn” First Saturn’s return has me very Saturn influenced–Neptune/Uranian too (as is all in my peer group) The nodes are approaching my ascendant (Kataka), and the recent solar eclipse (summer 2017) was ON my south node/venus/mars (and asteroid geisha) Oddly, one of the big takeaways from this transit was a hat–which I wore daily during my Saturn’s return solo journey–during which a massive internal transformation occured. It is my “adventure hat” lol, made from recycled truck canvas. North node on my south node though felt…interesting. Still trying to grok the meaning, near two years… Read more »


Fuuuuck… PF, I don’t even know what to say. It’s unbelievable, after everything the last few years have delivered you. Had to be cancer, too. The weight of that word, in this context. I’m so dismayed and frustrated for you. Holding the thought of you in my heart and sending love and strength. xxx


Can it be true Mystic? Is this an opportune time to be unpacking ones baggage, facing those demons and embracing the shadow? Am I finally starting to feel in tune with the cosmos once again? After months of gruelling astro madness I am stripped to the bone!!! Karmic lessons, patterns, core wounds, conditioning and breakups blah blah blah. Paradoxically, ‘feeling’ the light at the end of the tunnel with all this deep excavation (Saturn and Pluto doing a Reno in the First house while the South Node gets comfy on the couch; my ruler conjunct Uranus and Chiron returning!!!) Resistance… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Embrace and transform that shadow.

Transcendence sparkles like a diamond!


Wow. This sounds amazing. Keep chipping away


Sounds like it can be a great opportunity for growth

Wish Upon a Star

Yes sf. I grokked that feeling this morning as I drank my tea. Nice feeling actually.

Instead of the knee jerk reaction of stressing.


Not sure if this is the cause, but it feels like I have woken up after a big night out, not really knowing where I am , where I need or want to be, and knowing there are missing pieces that I can not remember yet. Maybe the next 6 months are putting all that together again.. lol


Our favorite MD has observed that lab numbers are secondary to how you feel- the clinical picture. They can precede or lag behind the real here snd now.

You survived desite ineptitude- wishing you great partners in the healing journey- and many miracles that defy the probable.


Smite me oh mighty smiter ! Good god JM. I mean really ?!?!?! But then it just seems to be your luck/ karma /path / what ever the fuq you want to call it. I read this and all I could think was oh of course this would happen to you. So many platitudes are uttered but when you’re in the thick of it you’re in the thick of it. I can only pray that this phase is soon over, with you reaping all and every benefit possible from it. Sending you love, light and strength.


And this is square my nodal axis Saturn will help me take the steps to move from my SN in Libra towards NN in Aries?

Original Scorpsta

So if Saturn conjunct natal South Node is a once every 28 years event, is it kind of like a bonus but less shitful Saturn Return?

Saturn in Pisces

This sounds scary (I may have also swore out loud when I saw this, Mystic!), though with Cap Rising and my natal Sun within a degree of the SN, I’m already quite used to Saturn and “Ketu” (with such a pronounced nodal axis I’ve loved looking into Vedic astrology to supplement tropical) vibe. Uranus hitting my Sun/SN, in addition to all the Cap stuff, scares the hell out of me in theory (like how could all this hit both my Sun and ASC at the same time?), but really it feels like everything is coming together, like I’m finally reaping… Read more »


This is happening at the base of my chart… It is intense. Uncomfortable. Also my NN is at 0 Taurus so getting the Uranian effect from that… Decisions that made sense a few years ago, I am now questioning. Maybe they didn’t make sense really, maybe I was just running from myself and it’s catching back up. Questioning relationships, where I live, and I feel so glum about it all. I know there are changes for me to make and I’m scared, because there is such a comfort in many of these things despite knowing it’s not really right for… Read more »


North node in Libra and currently Pluto opposite my sun; I am fairly certain myst that I sure a shiz don’t understand what the tits is going on. Everything relationship I held dear has broken down or simply, disappeared.


I recently completed the Pluto square my natal nodes transit, and that was a decent boot camp. Seemed like it lasted ages. Did a tarot reading for the new moon and I saw these themes in the cards as well. For me, plans not working out but the lessons beneficial. A chance to rework, focus on detail, and begin a new cycle.

dark star

<3 pluto levels and saturn raises


Hello. Oh my goodness. It is so good to see you again xxx


The Nodes are squaring my Libra NN- along with Saturn and Pluto- just inside 8th and 2nd. Reaping years of service with small but mighty pension/healthcare.

Neptunian Aries

Heading for my second Saturn Return. Lots on bus changes. Hard work tho’

Neptunian Aries

Pluto has been parked on my south node for two decades. I’ll happily swap him for Saturn. V def transformative, but totes hard work


Oh it’s happening alright!!
Pluto and Saturn on my ascendent in the first house.
Past life loves and learning to let go.
Will this affect my image/how I look/who I am wit Saturn on the south node?

Wish Upon a Star

So natally my 10th house is empty and I have nothing in Capricorn But my MC transitting Capricorn at 24 deg.

What the hell does it mean?

Can anyone help?

Wish Upon a Star

Mystic I’m confused. I meant my natal.MC in Sag is currently progressing Capricorn in the 11th house.

This is a bit over my head.

What came to mind (thank you clairvoyance) is like the middle dial turning anti clockwise(like an old fashioned washing machine) till my 9th house hits Capricorn in 2020. Is that right?

Wish Upon a Star

I’m just gonna say when I first read your 1st reply my intuition said well yes I can feel it happening already. And a very beautiful feeling came over me.

The only thing that has stopped me writing is not having a computer ever
You see I can touch type faster than I can write and this irks me.

So my very first laptop is coming tomorrow at age 52.

Everyone can clap now.

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