Saturn And The Moon’s Nodes Notes

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Ready for some spooky Saturn square insights? I mentioned the passing of Toni Morrison on social media the other night, along with my favorite quote of hers.  But I just found another, and it spookily reminded me of the ongoing Saturn South Node alignment this year.

Could she, I wondered, have had natal Saturn conjunct the South Node? No, but she had the Time God in square aspect to her South and North Node. So that is a similar style of gravity. Natal Saturn in any aspect to the Nodes makes people more aware of their life narrative. And her Saturn was in Capricorn! She had three Saturn Returns and her Uranus Return as well.

A Saturn Square Compels Gravity And Purposeful Living

Here is the quote that is SO Saturn Square Node.

“The past is already in debt to the mismanaged present. And besides, contrary to what you may have heard or learned, the past is not done and it is not over, it’s still in process, which is another way of saying that when it’s critiqued, analyzed, it yields new information about itself. The past is already changing as it is being reexamined, as it is being listened to for deeper resonances. Actually it can be more liberating than any imagined future if you are willing to identify its evasions, its distortions, its lies, and are willing to unleash its secrets.”

Toni Morrison.

And with Saturn on the South Node till October, we are all partaking of this energy. It is impossible to ignore formative influences and ancestral patterns. If you are trying to barrel along without regard for foundation, situations appear that inspire you to think about what you are built on. I say “inspire” because I felt “force” was a bit too triggering.

And another thing about Saturn that struck me while thinking about Toni Morrison. Saturn was in Capricorn over 1989, the year of Tiananmen Square and the Berlin Wall coming down. And Nelson Mandela was freed from jail in early 1990, after spending 27 years – nearly a whole Saturn cycle – incarcerated.

Now is the Saturn Return of 1989 and 1990. With Uranus and Neptune also in Capricorn, giving us a neat little Millennial sub-generation with the most fabulous astrology, it was a bit like now. We have intense triple Capricorn Vibe (Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node). And, as you can see, a societal shift is underway now as it was then. These astral passages don’t repeat but they echo.


Image: Alexander Calder

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Wish Upon a Star

I’ve got Dionysus and Jupiter conjunct in Leo conjunct Venus in cancer all 5th house squaring my nodes.



I don’t know how I missed this post?

I live that quote.

Yes, that was my phone’s choice of words. What I intended to say was I love that quote. So well articulated and so true.

Signed Saturn square Nodes…always. Sigh….


And what book is it from?

Carolyn Johnson

Is the quote in the article from Toni Morrison? Thanks


I appreciate you calling my astrology fabulous, because it gives a fresh perspective on my incoming Saturn return (bang on the Pluto conjunction in January). Mercury, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and the *North* node are all piled on top of each other in Capricorn, close enough that you could play them like a xylophone.

This is such a fantastic perspective on time, though. And beautifully written! The south node energy is definitely palpable, now. My Sagittarian inclinations toward just never stopping long enough to put down roots have been called into serious question.


Dear Mystic this comment: “the narrative forces the protagonist back to their home town” couldnt be more accurate This Literally happened to me in the sofar 4th Saturn square nodal axis 2019 January to September after an almost completely tumoultaruois life since January 1985 living in more than 50 different places suddenly I landed in the exact same hood as where I started out on this journey leaving childhood home in 1985 and starting my own life as 16 year old now I live in the same spot within 30mtrs ! What happened ????? its a circle come full Simultaneously… Read more »


I just heard a discussion about how various cultures perceive time …regarding the future as being behind you as it is the only unseen versus the more common idea that your future lies ahead of you in front of the brain. Strangely rings true as our physical vision is a reflection and many believe that base of skull where it meets the neck/spine is an entrance point of the astral or psychic.

dark star

Part of that cap stellium gen. It does feel like all the structure I went inward to make is finally paying off, which is v Saturn. But now focus shifts to career…

Secret Sagg

This is the Saturn Return of 1989-1990? Considering that 1990 felt like an amazing liberation from 1989 (the entire 80’s, in fact), on an energetic level that was almost visceral, THIS feels like the best news I’ve had all year! And I say this after a day that already felt like a return to good fortune. I’d lost my mojo there for a while, now it’s like being reunited with a much-loved friend or family member. Time to express some gratitude where it’s richly deserved 😁


Yes Saturn is the great initiator. For me at any rate. When I do the work – be it all the way from moon to Pluto – then I get it – “eventually” and that is always s nice Saturnian gift. “About fuqing time.” And what have I got? Saturn 28 Virgo in the 7th conjunct the south node. Always interesting anything moving across the Galactic Centre at 28 Sag and into my Ceres/mars at 0/1 Capricorn, as this is a critical square to the Saturn/South node. So far 2 Saturn returns. Saturn is my ally these days and steadies… Read more »


I have Saturn, Uranus, Neptune in Capricorn on my first house. Man oh man, the pull is real.


Same all in my 12th house, the messages are coming in strong and the need to express myself creatively is so strong I’m not sure where to begin..


I have a friend who protested in Tiananmen Square in 1989. She was in Hong Kong recently and said how eerily similar the two experiences were. She escaped in 1989 when the protesters were fired upon. My friend believes it is only a matter of time before China uses deadly force again.


I saw an interview with a HK lawyer saying China had sent troops in to fight the protestors. I’m watching this with bated breath, I think your friend is right.


sadly, yes. I think the protesters know that too. Such bravery

Unicorn Sparkles

I think you’re right.

Goldy Hawnbag

I was thinking of Hong Kong too. I wonder how the world would react to that. It would certainly send a message.

Unicorn Sparkles

So that’s what this feeling has been.


I’m part of the ‘89 stellium group, trine my SN in Virgo. So many realizations about my relationship patterns have been flowing into my conscious mind. Re-visiting past shame has been so much more liberating than I could have imagined. (Capricorn 8th house, sex for security, giving away power to be “seen” as worthy) Are I realize how powerful it is to see the past as opportunity to grow, material to process and refine, rather than a mistake to avoid facing at all cost (A lesson that would just keep circling back around, yes?) I’m in love with finding myself!… Read more »


I have natal Saturn in Cancer trine my north node.
Saturn is always there. Feels like it. I have been told that I live in the past too much but I need it to see where I’ve Phoenix-Ed from and where too next.
I too, packing my house up after finally leaving my 12 year relationship/marriage and as I pack and cull, I’m actually super excited about where I’m going next.


insane quote
love it

Nike V

Fuqing bang on
I am of the Cap outer planet generation–Uranus, Saturn, Neptune all conjunct in Cap–trine my Venus/Mars/South Node.

Mars currently ON my south node and I have been literally processing boxes of my “past” as I process the end of an 8 year relationship (almost bang on with the Uranus is Aries transit).

Transiting Saturn also opposing my ascendant

Taking it all back to basics. Energy maintenance as a foundational requirement. Acupuncture and medicinal mushrooms (chaga, reishi, lion’s mane–to be precise).


im just feeling boss coz i had a root canal all by myself with no big strong man to hold my hand.

aqua kat

I have Saturn square the nodes natally. Currently the Cancer north node is closing in on my natal north node. I’m working on a long-term project around ancestral patterns, inheritance, and narrative. The night before Toni passed, I was creating an exam for my students and wanted to change one of the questions to include examples of famous people who were not just dead white men. So as an example of linguistic genius, I chose her. The next day I learned she had passed away. This has happened before, when I or my partner thought of some famous person, discussed… Read more »


The cap stellium millennials are AWESOME btw.

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