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Jupiter and Saturn – The Mixtape

I had rather be Mercury, the smallest among seven [planets], revolving around the sun, than the first among five [moons] revolving round Saturn. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe The triple Virgo Goethe* was a genius and ridiculously accomplished. If he didn’t like Saturn, well, what does that tell us? That’s a rhetorical question. Saturn is easily the most griped about planetary influence in history. If you’re over learning by adversity and would prefer …

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The Astrology Of Solar & Geomagnetic Storms

Did the notorious Carrington Event of 1859 have a particular astrological signature? Yes. (If you’re keen to know but don’t want to scroll through my preamble, Eris-Persephone is the key player.) Astrology is integrated into the timing of solar flares/coronal mass ejections and the geomagnetic storms that these phenoms evoke if they’re earth directed. This is not just an “it’s all space weather” take. The Solar Minimum/Solar Maximum cycle echoes …

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Your Saturn In Capricorn Debriefing Session

Welcome to the Saturn in Capricorn debriefing session! Here you can share with people who know what’s up and won’t glitch your cognitive processing with inane “it’s just a planet” commentary. Saturn is changing signs within days – see the countdown below – and its arrival in Aquarius initiates an entirely new era: more Air, more Uranian high-jinx. * But you know the kind of person who specializes in pithy …

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Cats Are Neptunian – Not Ruled By Saturn

I’ve loved Cats and Astrology for centuries, so how could I not have known this weird fact? Cats are classically seen as Saturn-ruled! I don’t believe it. They’re Neptunian, legit dimension-tripping, time-nomadic magicians. Yes, they can be aloof, and I can see how olden time astrologers could have contrasted Cats with the Jupiter-ruled Dogs, seeing an obvious dichotomy. Dogs are ebullient, reliably loyal, and can be employed. Cats are inscrutable, …

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The Seventies Vampirella Zodiac

Seventies Astrology Art like this launched the “You must be a Scorpio?” trend. It took Astrology from the Hippy Shop’s fusty confines into the swingers circuit and suburban cheese fondu belt. Speculating on Geminis ‘going both ways‘ was acceptable repartee, and someone made a fortune selling Zodiac Sex Positions Iron-On patches. The images shown here are by the second-top Vampirella artist – Esteban Maroto, a Spanish Piscean. I can only put …

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Mars In Aries Direct = You Ahead

Mars Direct means you’re ahead already. Maybe not literally – yet – but you’re clear on terrain, routes, and tactics.  Mars turns Retrograde every two years but the 2020 version is amplified because Mars in his home sign of Aries is extremely potent. And, while most Mars Retrogrades involve the action planet backing into the previous sign, this is a long-haul Mars in Aries trip. There is no let-up and …

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