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The 7 Year Cycle Astrology Runs On

Sorcery, Pheromones & Uranus in Aries ending The seven-year cycle astrology is legit. Uranus in Aries stopping brings to mind the Seven Year Itch.  It was said to be initially about a particularly virulent sexually transmitted disease or skin mites. Then it dressed up as a fancy 1950s psychological infidelity theory turned Marilyn Monroe movie.  But we know better. It’s a Uranus cycle.  Uranus transmits sorcery via pheromones and invention. …

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Saturn in Capricorn

Checking In With…Saturn In Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn 2017 until 2020 is the first time the Time God has been in his home constellation since the late 80s. It’s uniquely motivational. It has been seventeen weeks of Saturn in Capricorn and already it feels like forever.  Before Saturn in Capricorn feels like a television series we stopped watching. This is no wonder. Saturn is the Time God, the Reality Checker and the ultimate in stoic …

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Psychic Indicators In Astrology

Psychic Indicators In Astrology

Psychic Indicators In Astrology Dear Mystic, Can you think of any chart indicators that might lead to regular telepathic messages emerging via artistic practice? I’m a songwriter, irritating to interview as I can’t explain my process or inspiration or anything that might be of use to anyone reading. The ideas, lyrics, music arrive in my head and hands – sometimes together.  So that I have to check with as many …

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Antimony, a symbol from the Alchemy Tarot

Questions About The New Single Card Tarot Reading

The Single Card Tarot Reading is themed around Alchemy and Uranian Astrology. It has 60 cards and is perfect for a fast flash vibe. Dearest Mystic, I just can say that I am so happy that I have found you (don’t even know how anymore). Your brilliant insights and info have been accompanying and supporting me more than for six years now (all through the Zap Zone). Everything in my …

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May 2018 Astrology

May 2018 Astrology Preview – The Transition Zone Intensifies

The May 2018 Astrology is witched up to the max. It’s still the Transition Zone. But it upshifts to a whole new level of weird in May. What’s up exactly? As if Uranus in Taurus were not weird and amazing enough, Mars moves into Aquarius at the same time. Uranus rules Aquarius so this is a going to be a super-Uranian month, revolutionary and wild. But at the same time, …

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Chiron in Aries

Chiron In Aries Has Arrived

Chiron in Aries Has Arrived. Chiron in Aries has not been experienced since the Seventies. The Wise Healer in the sign of the Warrior God accelerates any therapeutic process. That’s everything from your own personal candour about dysfunctional dynamics to royal commissions into corruption. Deeply personal courageous conversations and federal investigations of dodgy politics. Chiron in Aries runs the gamut from releasing trauma trapped in your body to societies realising they’re …

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