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The Twelfth House People

When You Have Three Or More Planets (plus Sun/Moon) In The Twelfth House Twelfth house people discover how the world works early in life - mapping it out and knowing all the rules. It's just not the world everyone else lives in. Paranormality is their norm. They move through life as if it was a shamanic journey, and they're sleeping somewhere else. Their cosmic consciousness is innate, an organic awareness …

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When You Write Your Venus Into The Song

Well she’s walking through the clouds With a circus mind that’s running round. Butterflies and zebras And moonbeams and fairy tales That’s all she ever thinks about. Riding with the wind. –Jimi Hendrix “Little Wing” 1967 Hendrix had Venus in Sagittarius, conjunct the Sun, in his 12th House. So, Venus is a super-influencer in art and aesthetic. Call her the Ultra-Muse.  She also embodies romantic ideals, in this case, Sagittarian/12th …

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What Does Mercury in Aquarius 2021 Mean?

Summon the Vibe Police. You need to report a crime against mundanity. Mercury is in Aquarius for nearly ten weeks, three times longer than usual and backed by a whole cabal of Aquarius energy. On second thoughts, don’t snitch. The paperwork alone would be devastating for your consciousness. Instead, lay low and wait for Mercury to contact you. Don’t anticipate any Galactic Federation nonsense: the galaxy is run by magic, …

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Fifty-Six More Hours Of Mars In Aries

Let’s talk about Mars in Aries. It’s been six months and nine days of the Action Planet in his most potent terrain – rare and unprecedented in recent decades, as many of you know. Now, as I write, there are just 56 more hours to go.  Check the Moon Calendar for the exact time in your zone but Mars moves into Taurus on Wednesday evening/Thursday morning. Yes, this week. As …

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Jupiter Saturn Protocol Tips & Ritual

This year’s Solstice Sunrise was live-streamed from Stonehenge but they’re putting a motorway under it. It encapsulates the surreal irony of 2020, a cryptogram of a year. As I write, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is about to be exact and, as detailed here, it’s associated with significant cultural and commercial shifts.  (See part four of the Turbulent Times series for a deeper take.) It is a good moment for a ritual …

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