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Astrology of Notre Dame fire

Pluto, South Node, Magdalene and Notre Dame

The astrology of the Notre Dame fire is Plutonic and it involves asteroid Magdalene aka Magdalena. With Pluto on the South Node, occult conspiracy thriller outlines write themselves. Black holes photographed looking like the Eye of Sauron. Iconic churches/mosques on fire in Paris and Jerusalem. When I first saw this, I thought it was a sequel to The Da Vinci Code. Denounce Dan Brown’s pop-occultism as much as you like, …

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Science Fiction High Priestess in purple robes. She stands in front of Pluto, holding a crystal egg.

Pluto Conjunct South Node Sorcery Is Lit

This Pluto conjunct South Node sorcery is lit. Strong for the last month, it’s climaxing this weekend and over Monday. Say what you want about Pluto, it delivers. There are lucky Jupiter transits where all you get is good times, debt and some extra padding around the middle. Or Venus transits where you find love but not as you know it. You may develop a deep and abiding love for …

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Saturn Pluto Planet collage with water and woman watching the planets

A Saturn Pluto Schooling

Hello! This is just a quick note to say that the Daily Mystic + Daily Horoscopes will be up asap but that I am fine. Mega Mystic Members, thank you for your patience and stand by for the Horoscopes + Daily Mystic email. I hate being late with things or vibing unreliable and I appreciate your patience with this. I would usually be well ahead with it all so you …

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Sun square Saturn

Venus Conjunct Neptune Vs Sun Square Saturn

As per the Daily Mystic email for Wednesday’s today is cognitive dissonance to the max. We have Venus conjunct Neptune (dreamy, surreal and romantic) versus Sun square Saturn (hard-edged, power-focal ambition.) Venus-Neptunian Vibe is idealistic, conjuring up magical realism. It’s inspirational crushes, whimsical messaging, marshmallows, ghosts, perfume, art, and fantasy, Sun square Saturn is ready to exile anyone who gets in their way. It is expedient and hyper-aware of time/money …

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Saturn Conjunct Pluto

Saturn Conjunct Pluto In 2020 Starts Now

Saturn conjunct Pluto – formidable, rare and potentially fantastic – is exact in January 2020. But, it’s starting now. These two power-planets are in orb already. So I have done a 40-minute rant which you can instantly download here. (It is half price for Mega Mystic members so please ensure you check your email for the coupon code sent out a few hours ago.) It’s fairly full-on as I am passionate …

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April Monthly Horoscopes

April Monthly Horoscopes Are Posted

Here are the April  Horoscopes! The first few days of April are energetically an extension of March; the mists of Mercury Retrograde (albeit now only in the shadow-zone) and Uncle Pluto still parked on the South Node. But from April 5, the atmosphere shifts and off we zoom. Venus + Mars in Mutable signs makes for zippier relationships and communications. For some zodiac signs, the Full Moon will need to …

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