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Pluto In Aquarius Trend Forecasts

How To Trend Forecast Pluto In Aquarius Trends are tricky. Even the most informed people extrapolate from whatever is already happening. X is trending up, down or forking into a new version of itself but it's still X. Aquarius anything defies the trajectory. Pluto reaches Aquarius on March 24 2023 and remains until January 2044. If you're befuddled by mainstream culture or wondering why others don't feel the same urgency …

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Venus Cazimi, the Suez Canal & Some Tangential Site Updates

If you're only here for my Suez Canal thoughts, scroll right down! We are ALL Aries this week, courtesy of the glamorously named Venus Cazimi. It's a potent aphrodisiac, artistic stimulant, and ambition booster. Side effects may include irritability from delays and obstacles to your genius. (I did a more nuanced take on this in the Daily Mystic email a few weeks ago, so if you're a member, you can …

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The Secret Life Of Seismic Activity

After a month of intensifying seismic action, a volcano in Iceland is erupting for the first time since the 13th Century. Aside from the obvious impact upon people in proximity to Mt Fagradalsfjall, it will be hell on newsreaders and television journalists covering the event. Yes, it's a change from Covid and the Icelandic light is famously flattering and dramatic. It could be a career metamorphosis but they would need …

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The (Astrological) Future Of Work

People say that the future of work is decentralized, but 'people' also said that in 2021 we'd fly our car to work. Robots would make quality leisure time society's biggest challenge, and you'd be able to do quick pinprick blood diagnostics in the bathroom while your prickly pear enzyme face mask is activated. Between propaganda, confirmation bias, and the bureaucratic jargon that George '1984' Orwell called 'duckspeak,' it's difficult to …

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The “Bombshell’ Oprah Interview Astrology

God, I want this interview to be amazing: a 'Made During Mercury Retrograde In Aquarius' production that takes television into a new dimension. A peak Oprah moment. The takedown of hypocrisy, multiple exposes, and radical agendas. Revelations of ghosts and/or aliens if possible. Corruption, obviously and then some sugary gossip for humor amid the paradigm-shifting. Is William still seeing Rose? Is it true Camilla smokes while she skis? Imagine a …

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Generation Z – The Pluto In Saggo People

Who Are The Pluto In Sagittarius Generation? Also known as Generation Z, they were born between 1995 and 2008*, when Pluto was in Sagittarius. Collectively, they're truth-tellers in a fake-news era and the bane of marketers trying to target them with 'authentic engagement.' They have inbuilt bullshit detectors, a short attention span and a penchant for making mercilessly hilarious viral memes. Vine, the short-video-creation-app turned them onto peer-to-peer content creation …

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