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Neptunian Dreaming

Nearly everything squares Neptune over this weekend and in fact, the next few weeks. Dreams ARE IMPORTANT. How hard can it be to get one simple little exercise book & just jot down a few vital deets of any dream you remember?  Jung called them the royal road to the subconscious. I am consistently convinced that so much psycho-cultural clutter (all those ADS in self-help & alt health mags, for …

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Power Tripping On The Scorpio Moon: So Easy

And so the e-mails flow in. Power-tripping. Control freaking. More power trips. Another control drama.  “…WHAT is going on, Mystic? Could it be a Full Moon or is something retrograde?” Do any of you actually read me??? I have said a zillion times – am sure of it – that the Full Moon in Scorp/Retro-Mercury combo & Mars but never mind the astro-deets for now…that the current astro-weirding = massive …

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Venusian Weirding Infinity

Venus has been basically gliding back and forth over the same ground since late January & won’t get past the degree of Aries where she went retrograde until May 17, the same day that Saturn goes Direct & right before the Auspicious Aqua-Weirding of late May. In between now and May 5 the Love Goddess both squares Pluto (cathartic, v.hard to cling onto non-authentic things ‘just because’, passionate) and sextiles …

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Mercurial Bats: Pig Fever

It’s kinda interesting that the Swine Fever news breaks just as Mercury is in slo-mo to go Retrograde. It’s not till next week but we are in the zone. Mercury nips into Gemini (sign of his rulership) and then goes retrograde back through Taurus & thus squaring Neptune, Chiron & Jupiter several times in May. The very same signs lining up in an glorious & rare Age-Of-Aquarius style astro-weirding for …

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Fake Psychics And Bad Gurus

Fake psychics are not all bad. Some are just people who mean well but can't take themselves out of the equation. So they murmur sweet drivel that is more like what they want to hear. Or say that you need sleep and crystal angel talismans because your dippy boyfriend/yeast infection/global warming is an ascension symptom. It's hard to be psychic on demand but intentionally fake psychics are frightening. Along with …

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Bitching It Up With The Full Moon

Lol!  I noted how the Astro-Beauty Nostalgia Post went OFF & so here are some gratuitious Retro-Venus nostalgia hits for you guys. And…the ferocity of this Full Moon has surprised me…I was so primed to let rip at some peeps (the Full Moon involves my Mercury in Aries & Mars is advancing toward my natal Venus which is already being stimulated by Uranus) that i had to turn my phone …

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